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This blog is named Stitching and Bacon after two of my favorite things sewing and eating. I think of bacon as a happy little treat. I want this blog to be a happy little place to share my sewing projects, with a little side of cooking and window into my life. 

I live in North Carolina with my wonderful husband and our very beautiful and very cranky cat Max (I will apologize right here for all cat photos). During the week and, well, a lot of weekends, I am a professional archaeologist. This is not nearly as glamourous as it sounds. No whips, no fancy gold things, just a lot of bug bites and travel. I might write about some of the places I go for work, but I am not going to talk about archaeology on this blog (trust me it is boring anyway).

In my spare time, I am obsessed with fabric, sewing, and creating. My favorite fabrics and patterns are probably best described as modern. I love bright colors and simple crisp designs. 

To describe me:Things I like (in no particular order): my husband, cheese, sparkly things, cookies, my cat, wine, beer, chocolate, bacon, homemade bread, rainbows, hugging trees, Jane Austen, reading trashy books, my dutch oven, hiking, working outside, talking to my dear friends, my world leaders plate collection, and vegetables.
Things I dislike (also in no particular order): Dogmatism, close-mindedness, discrimination (I mean this to include ALL kinds of discrimination), and brussel sprouts (I am open to trying to like these though) learned to like them (!).

Send me a message if you want to talk. Email at stitchingandbacon[at]gmail[dot]com or just leave a comment and I will respond as promptly as I can.

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  1. My darling Sarah, I love you. Have fun with your blog.


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