Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Winter Blues. Notes from the road.

Hey there! How are you doing?

Are you warm, cold.... so sick of winter you want to scream, wrap yourself in a quilt and hibernate? I am in Atlanta right now, sitting on my hotel room bed. Tomorrow is a new exciting day of work.

I am feeling pretty dang good right now. I just got back from Florida. I have a tan/sunburn, I slept about 10 hours every night in Florida. We also had an ice storm in North Carolina this morning.

Lest you hate me, I will tell you I left for my first of three work trips starting today and I will likely be home for no more than two nights in a row for the next month. Those trips are not vacations and they typically involve driving long distances, eating gross fast food, and time away from my sewing machine (and husband and cat)...

No sense in worrying about things you can't change!

I am feeling a titch overwhelmed with sewing projects, so I thought I would write out a list. It is aspirational, somewhat deadlined, some sort of pie in the sky projects. In no particular order.

1.) Finish the binding on my cousin's quilt. This was a group project with some of my Aunts and cousins, and it is going to another cousin. My job was quilting and binding. Now I need to finish it, I have had this way too long! This needs to get done, like next week.

2.) Finish secret bag project. This super tote is all cut out and ready to piece, which is good because it needs to be gifted next weekend. It should wrap up quickly though.

3.) Handmade Birthday Club March Gifts. I have two to make for this month. No biggie, these will be fun and quick finishes.

4.) Quilt Boy Quilt. This is a charity quilt for my dear friend Val. The top is all pieced and pressed. It just needs to be quilted and bound. It will be super fast once I get it basted. I need to get it done because there is an orphan out there who will be stoked to receive this!

5.) Derek Quilt. The dearest husband in the whole wide world is getting his very own quilt as soon as I can get time to piece it. It is all cut and waiting. I am pretty excited about this (Derek's quilt is actually to the left, ignore the cranes and text).

6.) Parent's Anniversary Quilt. Parent's wedding anniversary is in June. I want to make them a queen sized bed quilt. They have been warned it will be late.

7.) Hop Skip Jump BOM. I am two blocks behind on this BOM, but that is no biggie. This will take but a tiny bit of time to catch up on.

8.) Club Medallion. I am a million borders behind (slight exaggeration). Working on this would be a dream.

9.) Sparkly love Tangelo. I so want to work on this. Realistically, this is not a priority, but because I want to I will move it up on my list.

10.) Backbone quilt. I want to make one, so I suspect I will.

That is super long. I think I will stop there, although I can already think of things to add. I will be focusing on the first couple of items this weekend and then begin to tackle the rest. I think I will be traveling with my machine a bit this spring, which is a prime piecing opportunity. It is also possible that I will travel with a cutting mat and get some piecing set up.

I love you all! Thanks for being there. Thanks for being awesome.