Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hello from Savannah.

Hi friends.

I am in Savannah. I do not have internet.

I am watching a show called "The United States of Bacon." I can't eat bacon. I am allergic. I love bacon.

I had to go to someone else's apartment to write you this little note.

Mostly, I am just writing this email to you to say hi.


I have a tutorial to share. Unfortunately, I agreed to write a book review for an archaeology journal, now I have to read the book. That means, time I can't sew or write tutorials.

Do not worry, I brought my sewing machine to Savannah. I am sewing. A tiny bit.  I made an adorable little lap top case. Mostly, I am sewing secret things for my secret sister partner these [secret] projects make me so happy. I will show them to you after my partner sees them.

I promise to be back soon. I will finish the tutorial. I will take photos.

In this post I give you bee blocks I have finished and sent away.

Meanwhile, I will be out working in a garbage filled roadside. I mention this least you think my job is glamourous. This is why I am allergic to bacon. Le sigh.

This is a teaser for the tutorial I am going to share. Rainbows!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Stars Aligned and I Finished a Quilt!

Once upon a time, I got a little tipsy and told an acquaintance that I thought we should be better friends. To be fair, she was (is) super cool. She thought I was crazy. Fast forward one year, we are awesome friends. I am goal oriented.

This dear friend paints Ukrainian eggs.

I saw one of her eggs and decided it was full of quilty inspiration.

We decided we would each make a project inspired by the others craft.

I made this quilt.

Do you see it?

I named this quilt, "Stars Align." It feels sort of Scandinavian to me. What do you think? Sort of inspired by the egg, it echoes the egg. Then there is a whole secondary pattern I hadn't seen until it came together. I didn't realize how much the lattice pattern would catch the eye. 

I love the back almost as much as the front. 

The back is a Lotta Jansdotter print from the Bella collection. It makes me so happy.

I quilted it with Elizabeth Hartman's Dogwood pattern. It was pretty hard for me because I am not exactly a pro at free motion quilting. This quilt might not win any awards... But, I love it.

See how I worked some Heather Ross in there? I used a bunch of my favorite fabrics in this quilt, because I am keeping it and I wanted to see things I love each time I cuddle under this quilt. The front is a combination of Architextures and a variety of other prints from my stash. I pretty much put some Heather Ross on everything I love.

Does anyone else have a cat that loves it when you take quilty pictures? He loves it when quilts go on the ground.

Also, this block design is all mine! I mean, it is not super creative, but it came from my head. I am putting together a little tutorial for how I did this to come online soon. 

Because I know you are dying to know, here is a picture of the quilt-y egg my friend painted (dyed?) me. 

Name: Stars Align
Size: 65"x65"
Fabrics: Kona Snow and Steel, Bella in New Turquoise (?), Lana Jansdotter's Bella for the back, and the rest are stash fabrics that I am not sure I could name if I wanted to... 
Binding: Bella Solid New Turquoise
Pattern: My own!
Finished: February 2013