Thursday, November 17, 2016

Stitching With Lorelei: Gilmore Girls are Coming

Are you as obsessed with Gilmore Girls as I am?

Just to give you the low down, I own all of the Gilmore Girls seasons on DVD. That's DVD, people! Quite a commitment. My old roommate answered the Craigslist ad to look at the house and later told me that when she saw my Gilmore Girls DVDs she knew we would be perfect for each other. She was right, we are still great friends.

These shows are my comfort watch, when I have a bad day I can put on a some select episodes.

Just because it has been a tough month I give you this (PS - I watched this again tonight and it still makes me laugh).

The Gilmore Girls are famous for talking fast and a freakishly close mother daughter relationship. This spawned multiple inside joke/catch phrases. You know you can find a Gilmore fanatic when you can pick out the Gilmorisms. It's how we identify our people.

Gilmore Girls is doing a revival on Netflix and this epic event prompted Lee from May Chappell to host a little Gilmore Girls inspired stitch-along.

I picked Copper Boom to stitch up. This phrase means, "quickening your pace or getting down to business/work" (thanks Urban Dictionary). In case you needed Rory and Lorelei to explain it to you, see below...

This basically sums up my life.

This embroidery design uses only the satin stitch and back stitch (for a great explanation of basic stitches head here). I stitched mine up in an afternoon while re-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

Download the free pattern here (a million thanks to Lee for helping me make my vision a reality, you all may not know this but she is a genius graphic designer). I used back stitch for the Copper, the circle of the sun, and the lines. I used satin stitch for the Boom, and a single stitch for each ray.

My colors:
DMC 351 - Coral - All of the letters and the inside of the suns rays.
DMC 726 - Topaz LT - The sun rays and the circle
DMC 744 - Yellow - Pale - The straight lines


This is a SUPER casual stitchalong! Basically, all the designs are free. We’d love for you to stitch them up while binge watching your favorite episodes or even during the second viewing of the revival. The first viewing will require focus. We are having a little giveaway on Instagram. Every time you use the hashtag #stitchingwithlorelai, you get an entry. You can post anything from choosing your floss to your finished product. Unlimited entries. On December 1, we will randomly choose a winner who will receive a SewLux gift card for $50! Special thanks to Chrissy & Linda for donating this awesome prize! You can enter so many times, no excuse to not share your photos!

I know I can't wait to snuggle in and stitch these fun projects. 
Monday, November 14: Lee Chappell Monroe of May ChappellTuesday, November 15: Corey Yoder of Coriander QuiltsWednesday, November 16: Tessa Walker of The Sewing ChickThursday, November 17: Sarah Lowry of Stitching & BaconFriday, November 18: Elizabeth Dackson of Don’t Call Me BetsySaturday, November 19: Lee Chappell Monroe of May Chappell

Copper Boom my friends!


  1. What a fun project! Thanks for sharing both it and the video reminder. :-)

  2. Did you see that duringquiettime has created coffee cups for each character from Gilmore Girls? I dont watch the show, just couldnt get into it but it seems pretty popular with those who do and they are paper pieced might be worth checking out :)

  3. Thanks for including the clips from the show, too. That was a lovely touch. :)

  4. Great project!!! I've not watched Gilmore Girls directly but have enjoyed listening to the show while sewing and my daughter was watching it. I really should do a marathon sitting to enjoy all episodes!!

  5. I did not remember this but it's classic for them, isn't it? :)

  6. It's awesome finding all the other superfans out there (especially the stitchy ones.) I have the dvds too.

  7. Thanks for sharing a stitching to accompany the watching.


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