Thursday, June 27, 2013

Christmas in July Sewing Challenge. That's Right, I am DOING This

This post has to start with a story. 'Cause it is me and I am feeling a little punchy tonight. Don't worry it ends on a high note.

I went to Sew South this spring and I had a ROCKING good time. I found out my sewing people are even cooler in person than online. Some of the awesome ladies and I are doing a traveling medallion along, we call it the Drunkard's Medallion Along.

Remember my blue bear? It is the center of my medallion.

Two of my fabulous, beautiful, talented medallion companions are Christen (Love By Hand) and Chrissy (Sew Lux Fabric). These ladies and I bonded when we finished out infamous duffels together late one evening (with the help of some wine, trust me it was that kind of duffel).

Anyway, Christen wants to get all of us started on our Christmas sewing. Real talk: last Christmas I finished my projects approximately 5 minutes before they need to be gifted. I sewed through my finger the Saturday before Christmas. Scary, I know! This is a public service announcement. START SEWING GIFTS AND DECOR EARLY (and keep your fingers far away from your needle).

I have vowed to be better this year.

Christen has recruited a group of bloggers (me too!) to come up with tutorials for Christmas projects using three new Christmas lines from Moda provided by Chrissy and Sew Lux. My tutorial is going live on July 10th and you don't want to miss it, it is going to be adorable.

The best part is that there are awesome prizes. I mean seriously awesome (see below).

All you have to do is make something for Christmas. Get ahead on that Christmas project list, and enter it in the link up by July 30th on Christen's blog.  You don't need a blog to enter! You don't even have to make a project from one of our tutorials, just something for Christmas.

Check it out, link it up, don't save it up for the last minute.

Sarah out.

Christmas In July Challenge Schedule

Each week, two bloggers will use the same 8 FQs to share their own unique project tutorial to inspire you to get sewing.  The blog hop kicks off July 8!

July 8 – Christen, Love by Hand

July 10 – Sarah, Stitching & Bacon (that's me!!)

July 15 – Kelly, Kelby Sews

July 17 – Lyanna, Purple Panda Quilts

July 22 – Tessa, The Sewing Chick

July 24 – Kristen, KD Quilts

Then, during the month of July, start and finish your own holiday sewing project to link up July 26-30 for a chance to win one of three amazing prize packs from these amazing sponsors!

Grand Prize

$40 gift certificate to Sew Lux Fabric

Pearle Cotton Sampler from Sew Lux Fabric

3 Sewing Prints from Pen & Paint

Paloma FQ bundle from Dear Stella

1 pattern from LBG Studio

Second Prize

FQ Bundle from Michael Miller

2 sewing prints from Pen & Paint

Pearle Cotton Sampler from Sew Lux Fabric

1 pattern from LBG Studio

Third Prize

Havana FQ Bundle from Monaluna

1 sewing print from Pen & Paint

Pearle Cotton Sampler from Sew Lux Fabric

Winners will be selected by the judges, which will consist of all of the bloggers plus Chrissy from Sew Lux Fabric. Entries will close on Tuesday, July 30 and winners will be announced on Friday, August 1. 

How To Enter: The Details Enter any project you’ve made during July to get ahead of your holiday sewing. It can be anything (not just the projects we post here) and can include any fabric – it doesn’t have to be Christmas fabrics or colors.

Starting July 26, you'll be able to link up your entry at Love By Hand. You'll have until 10:00 PM EST on July 30 to add your entry – one entry per person. Link a new post from your blog, your Flickr account or your Threadbias account – you don’t have to have a blog to enter!

Love By Hand
P.S. - You should also just go check out Christen's Blog. It is the pretty adorbs (yes, that is a word).

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A New List.

Guess what friends? I am back in another hotel room.


This time I am in Charlotte, North Carolina and it is a quick trip. I think I am going to be at home all week next week. A whole week (maybe longer?).

Do you think my husband will get sick of me?

I am updating my list, it has totally been awhile. Maybe I will get some sewing done while I am in town?

June/July List: 

1. Bee Blocks. I have finished my bee blocks for June.

For Make it Modern, I had a churn dash and a patchwork wheel. They were super fun to make. This wraps up the Make it Modern Bee.

For Simply Solids Gamboge group, we made stepping stones blocks. Hope this is not TOO bright. I just love color.

Still have July's bee block.

2. Meredith and Eric's wedding quilt. The blocks are sashed and now I just need to put it all together, make a backing (buy some fabric?), and quilt it. No biggie. They only got married a couple of months ago.

I love the way it looks so far!

3. Whitewashed Quilt. Remember this? I barely do... I have not even touched this! Ha!

4. Wonky Rainbow Quilt. This one needs to be quilted and bound. I can do it! This quilt is for me and I can't wait to snuggle under it.

5. Drunkard's Medallion Along. I am working on Christen's top right now and I think I get Paige's next. I love getting into the spirit of each medallion and playing with new techniques. I can't show pictures here because we decided these were going to be a secret, so I will just tell you that we will all need shades for Christen's quilt!

6. Baby Quilts. In my crazy world I decided I have three baby quilts to make this summer. No big deal right? I need to pick some easier patterns I think.

7. Block of the Month Blocks. I have June's Lucky Star to make and then June and July's Lucky Star and Hop, Skip, and Jump block. I am loving these block of the month's I can not wait to make them into gorgeous quilts.

8. MIL Quilt (better name to come). I decided to make my Mother-in-law a quilt. Here is my fabric pull so far, it feels so soothing. I think I am going to do some simple patchwork.

There will be other projects. I just can't say no to starting something fun and I love it! No complaining here!

I know I need to make some pillows with animals on them for our couch. Derek is getting a new laptop, so he is naturally going to need a case, he is currently trying to decide what animal he wants on his case (right now raptor is winning, who knows how to paper piece a raptor? oh dear...)

I am linking up to WiP Wednesday. Happy Day Friends! You are all beautiful! Sorry for the epic post.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Thursday, June 13, 2013


I made a woodpecker. Then I turned it into a pillow. 

I had never made a pillow before, but my guild was having a swap, so what the heck? I sure made a pillow. 

This particular swap partner had just made a Kiwi pillow to represent her New Zealand heritage. She showed it off at the guild meeting, then when I got an email that she was my partner... I knew she needed another bird (coincidentally, she entered her pillow in the Modern Mini Challenge). Right?!

She also said she liked bright solids with low volumes. My specialty. I love bright colors!!!!

I used this pattern from Sewing Under the Rainbow. It is totally awesome. Pretty easy for me as an paper piecing person (maybe I am intermediate?). It took a bit of time though. 

Then I quilted it with some randomness, but not too much. 

Also, this fabric I used on the back kicks some serious awesomeness. I am sorry to report that I got it a million years ago (okay, about 3 years ago) at Ikea. It makes me happy, but it is probably gone from Ikea world. Except, I have a bunch.... future pillows, hmm...

I really wish I had not given this pillow away. Now I need one for my house. Yesterday. 

Pillow Stats:
Dimensions 18"x18" 
Fabric: Kona Cottons (various, message me if you want details), Essex Steel, and some random dottiness. Honestly, it is all from the stash and I have no idea.
Quilted: On my home machine with Aurifil (the bestest)

I am entering this in two separate linky parties. The final linky party for the Forest QAL (hosted by Shape Moth). Also, Ellison Lane is hosting a fabulous modern mini challenge, which pillows qualify as an entry. Woot! If you are visiting me from these fabulous parties, thanks!

PS - Photo outtake. Cat has to get involve in all things. I imagine he is thinking, "my paws feel awfully cushioned on this pillow. Thanks food-giver."

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hey Y'all. Some Goodbyes...

I just wanted to check in and say hey! I am back in Tennessee/Alabama for work. This project is almost done! I have been traveling with my sewing machine, but I am pretty excited to not have to bring my sewing machine on the road with me. 

Sewing at home is going to be so much fun. 

I said goodbye to this quilt last weekend. 

This is Jono, I think he likes it. 

He promised me he is not going to hang it up on the wall. He read everyone's comments on my blog post and I think we all shamed him. It is the best. I love that this picture demonstrates how big tall he is (Derek says I make it seem like he is fat). I can't reach far enough to stretch that quilt out...

Also, another friend finished her M.A. at UNC this spring and she is leaving tomorrow (tear) to start her PhD studies at Wisconsin. I made her this little pouch for her travels.

I love you Heather Ross. That is all.

I am going to be back tomorrow (?) to highlight a really cool finish from this past weekend. I mean, seriously, it is a REALLY cool finish.

Come back, please? I pinky swear it will be worth it.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Jono got his PhD and a Quilt.

It is graduation season. A time of transition. There is pomp and there is circumstance.

People wear funny hats.

One of the hazards of living in a college town is that every year there are major population transfers. As  the partner of a graduate student, most of our mutual friends are grad students and they don't move around quite as much as the undergrads, but there is still upheaval.

Jono defended his dissertation this spring and he is moving to Arkansas to take a job at Hendrix college. Derek and I decided to celebrate this excitement and send him off to his new adventure with a quilt... Maybe graduation quilts are going to be my new thing?

The design was inspired by the "Tunnel Vision" quilt in Quilting Modern. Mostly I just wanted to play with some scraps and choose a design that would not take a ton of time. Girl had a schedule to keep.

I just pulled a bunch of blue scraps and went to town. No thinking, no rules. I tried to incorporate some symbolism for the new doctor (of philosophy). Jono studies Native Americans, so naturally I used these terribly politically incorrect little children. Derek speaks German so we had to add this grammatically incorrect German statement with the indian children (thanks Japanese fabric designers).

The new graduate has spent a great deal of time worrying about how he will dress as a professor, hence the tie and pipe fabrics (also Japanese, of course). He is also obsessed with Bob Seager, so that stache was essential.

The back is straight up scraps. Except for that Heather Ross guitars, the graduate loves Phish.  I also could not resist adding a tiny blue bear I had sitting around. I quilted it with light gray Aurifil thread in a spiral from the center.

Picture of me cuddled in quilt, because I do not have enough photos of myself. Note to self, celebrate yourself!

I added a camper van to the label as another Phish tribute. I am happy to report that the graduate is thrilled with his quilt. He keeps talking about hanging it on his wall. How do I convince him I make my quilts to be used? Do you all have this problem with gifted quilts? 

Quilt Stats:
Size: 63"x 63" (I told Jono I made this throw extra large because he is a big guy and now he calls it is XXL quilt)
Fabrics: Kona Coal, Kona Snow, Heather Ross, Essex Yarn dyed linen in black, the prints and all of the other solids are from my stash.
Binding: Kona Coal with one blue strip.
Pattern: Inspired by Tunnel Vision from Quilting Modern
Finished May 22, 2013

PS - That bear is total graffiti up the street from my house. Did I mention I live in a multi-use, transitional neighborhood? This bear is pretty much awesome. Most of the graffiti.... sort of sucks.