Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It is August.

I know I should just hop back into blogging like I was never gone, like it is totally normal. No biggie, here I am.

I feel I need to say something.

We are still buying the house I mentioned shopping for a couple of posts ago. It is a long process because it is under construction. I don't want to talk about it too much because it just feels unreal. We are completely thrilled with the house and honestly can't believe we get to live there when it is done.

It is a journey, a journey full of sawdust and paint, inspections, rapid progress and then disappointing news. We are expecting to be living there in a couple of weeks (pinch me) and once we are there I will give you all a tour. My sewing room is going to be particularly epic.

At the end of July we had to be out of our rental of five years. Now we (my husband, our Max cat, and my two sewing machines) have moved into a coworker's house (whilst she is out of town) until our house is done. We are doing alright, but I feel like today was the first day I have sat down in weeks.

Wait, Sarah, WAIT a second, did you say TWO sewing machines? Yes, my friends I did.

This July my dearest Juju (Jukie TL 2010q) and I welcomed our newest team member, a (new to us) Bernina 165 Activa.  Her name is Bebe (get it?!) This machine is just exactly the opposite of Juju in pretty much every way except that both of these machines are heavy duty, all metal workers that sew beautiful stitches. Bebe does all the fancy zig zags and buttonholes (heck, she even has an embroidery module I have not touched, see above for why). She is smaller, quieter (not much lighter) and will probably become my go-to travel machine. I still love Juju and would recommend her to most serious quilters in a heartbeat, but I think most sewers need to have a Bebe for those other projects.

I snagged Bebe in a pretty killer deal (I felt good about it) from a fellow Triangle MQG member on our listserv. She is not brand new, but she sews beautifully and, honestly, I can't stomach new Bernina prices. I know they are great machines, I would recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone, but house buying me could not be in the market for one of those new machines. Bebe is an amazing team member though and we are happy to have her!

So friends, this is me. Right now, in a new town, living out of a suitcase. The bacon clan is holding it together and waiting for our dream home to be ready for us. I am trying to find my love of sewing after weeks of exhausting packing. Also, an edited selection of my sewing projects are living in boxes in our temporary living room. I already miss my stash.

It is not bad. Transitions are part of life and adulting is hard stuff.

Love you all, no promises on when I will be back, but I am here and I will come back.