Thursday, June 13, 2013


I made a woodpecker. Then I turned it into a pillow. 

I had never made a pillow before, but my guild was having a swap, so what the heck? I sure made a pillow. 

This particular swap partner had just made a Kiwi pillow to represent her New Zealand heritage. She showed it off at the guild meeting, then when I got an email that she was my partner... I knew she needed another bird (coincidentally, she entered her pillow in the Modern Mini Challenge). Right?!

She also said she liked bright solids with low volumes. My specialty. I love bright colors!!!!

I used this pattern from Sewing Under the Rainbow. It is totally awesome. Pretty easy for me as an paper piecing person (maybe I am intermediate?). It took a bit of time though. 

Then I quilted it with some randomness, but not too much. 

Also, this fabric I used on the back kicks some serious awesomeness. I am sorry to report that I got it a million years ago (okay, about 3 years ago) at Ikea. It makes me happy, but it is probably gone from Ikea world. Except, I have a bunch.... future pillows, hmm...

I really wish I had not given this pillow away. Now I need one for my house. Yesterday. 

Pillow Stats:
Dimensions 18"x18" 
Fabric: Kona Cottons (various, message me if you want details), Essex Steel, and some random dottiness. Honestly, it is all from the stash and I have no idea.
Quilted: On my home machine with Aurifil (the bestest)

I am entering this in two separate linky parties. The final linky party for the Forest QAL (hosted by Shape Moth). Also, Ellison Lane is hosting a fabulous modern mini challenge, which pillows qualify as an entry. Woot! If you are visiting me from these fabulous parties, thanks!

PS - Photo outtake. Cat has to get involve in all things. I imagine he is thinking, "my paws feel awfully cushioned on this pillow. Thanks food-giver."


  1. I love the colors of the woodpecker, and love the godzilla like back :-)


    1. So funny, I finally got the pillow yesterday from Beky, and I was so thrilled. You know I must have been dense as I did not even put two and two together. This was a total surprise. I love it. Thank you so much, Sarah!!!

  2. Michelle is one lucky lady! Is it a straight swap, where you will get her pillow too?! Because both of you have done awesome work for this swap. Good things happening at the Triangle Guild, huh!

  3. Fantastic - and I love that ikea fabric too :-)

  4. Your woodpecker is great! So fresh and modern! I'm glad that you found it simple to piece:)

  5. Such a rad pillow and love the back as much as the front! Thanks for entering the Modern Mini Challenge Sarah!

  6. Love the movement in the 'pecker.

  7. Visiting from Michelle's blog. LOVE this pillow and the Godzilla fabric is brilliant. :) I'll be back to check in with you from time to time. Find me @

  8. That pillow is wonderful- and that backing fabric is brilliant. Too bad we only got an ikea last year, so i never had a chance to discover it :-(

  9. I LOVE THE GODZILLA PILLOW! Any chance you might want to sell your leftover fabric?


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