Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcome 2013.

Hello 2013. I am happy to see you.

2012. You were not bad, I have to say it was a tough year for me, but a good one. Let's focus on the positives.

I learned to quilt in 2012. Major bonus points.

I started this blog on the tail end of the year.

I made a major commitment to my physical fitness.

I found some new, dear friends who already feel like they have been in my life forever.

I made lots of pretty things.

This is just a sample of the makes I am proud of. I need to keep my hard drive more organized and take more pictures of my pretties before I give them away.

This post is not really about 2012. I want to talk about 2013. I want to write down some resolutions.

You know they say if you write it down it becomes more real (I just made that I up, I think).

List of 2013: 

1. Do not injure myself with my sewing machine, rotary cutter, iron, seam ripper, etc. See this story. These are serious power tools. For real.

2.  Finish works in progress.

This started as mini-quilt and it grew larger. I am going to keep adding fabric to it until it looks less like a cult flag. Flawed premise? possibly. Improvisation practice? yes.

This is an honest work in progress (not just a stalled project, see above), my egg star quilt. I will talk more about this project soon. It combines two of my favorite loves, stars and architextures fabric. Trust me, this project merits a full blog post soon. I have 10 blocks done! I need 25.

My house quilt started as a little fun sewing from Elizabeth Hartman's book. Then I had six houses and I decided it should become a quilt. That was six months ago. I still need six more...

3. Work hard to fulfill commitments I have made. I have joined two bees for 2013. I have never done a bee before, but I am ready and excited. I can not wait to start the fun and get to know the ladies I will be working with. I am worried that I will be traveling for work and I will get lazy. I need to manage my time and make these bees a priority. I was always good at turning in homework on time. This is homework (fun homework). 

4. Seriously learn paper piecing. My husband gave me a membership the the Lucky Stars BOM club from Don't Call Me Betsey. I have already made my practice block. I am so excited for the next one and I can not wait to put together a star quilt next December. 

5. Get over my shyness and get out there to meet other quilters (both on the internet and in "real life"). I am kind of shy, which is why I have not gone to any Triangle Modern Quilt Guild meetings (what are you waiting for Sarah, an engraved invitation?). I did sign up for these bees, I am trying to not be a blog lurker, and I am trying to get with the flickr and instagram worlds (follow me on instagram at stitchingandbacon and flickr at lowry.sarahm). I signed up for Sew South (so excited). Are you going?

Resolution. Go to a Triangle Modern Quilt Guild meeting. They seem like good people. They meet down the road from me (at my lqs, embarrassing, I know). Resolution II. don't. be. awkward.

I know that the internet world and the in person worlds of quilting are wonderful and have a lot to offer.  I have learned that from starting this blog. Everyone out there is so wonderful, yes I am talking you.

Thanks for reading this friends.

Welcome 2013. It's nice to see you, your hair looks great. Are those new shoes?


  1. Yay! You're doing the LSBOM! And your block looks fantastic! And yay for 2013!

  2. Welcome to 2013! I am loving that cult flag of yours and I really like your egg star blocks -- so nice to meet you Sarah, I think we have a few things in common besides quilting and all the groups we are in together, hehe, eating wine and chocolate, not necessarily in that order ;)

  3. I like where the "flag" is going. I don't think it is too nautical. Happy New Year! Not going to Sew South, I am going to the Stash Bash in April in Atlanta instead.

  4. Happy New Year! You sure did make a lot of pretty things! I agree that if you write it down it becomes more real, at least that's what I tell myself :) I am going to sew south and I am really starting to get excited!!! Good luck with your wips!

  5. Great finishes! Great goals for the New Year! I can't wait to "see you around".

  6. Why yes, they are, thoughtful of you to notice. I notice that you are hilarious and nefarious so I'll be hanging out if you don't mind. I am on sabbatical so you'll have to pick up the slack for the other bacon lovers of the world....get ye to a quilt guild meeting!


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