Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Presents and a Story

It has been quite a couple of weeks. I sort of lost track of time. First it was December, then it was Christmas, and now December is almost over.

December was a tough month for me this year. I was in Atlanta when it started for work and then the week before Christmas I was working in the field all week. In between, we baked some Christmas treats, decorated the house, cleaned (oh family Christmas visits!) and I frantically sewed presents.

Now, I get to share some of those finishes here! The recipients all seemed to like them and I had fun trying to make them to suit individual personalities.

My mother asked for a knitting needle roll. I based this one off of a couple of online tutorials for the basic design. The hot pink framed cats, are a nod to my parents' little kitties (Although, they never get a chance to go outside and kill birds. This fabric is a called "Out to Lunch", by Tammis Keefe my selvedge cuts off the manufacturer. It is a linen I picked up on super sale a while back knowing I would make something for my mom with it. The gray is Kona Coal and the pink is Kona Camellia. The inside trim is a Liberty Lifestyles print.

I think my mom likes it... It might be a bit "modern" for her taste, but I could not resist the hot pink and blue framing of the cats.

For the rest of my important ladies, I made fold over clutches, LBG studios pattern (btw, this is a great pattern).

These were really well received.

This leads to the story portion of this post. First, let me set the scene. I was sewing zippers on these little pouches. It was Saturday before Christmas and I was working on a deadline. I had an assembly line going and I was feeling pretty good.

I was having some trouble with the zipper on the teal bag. I could just not get it straight and I did not have TIME to be taking it out and redoing it. So, I gritted my teeth and started using my fingers to line up the zipper with the bag edge. Then, I felt the needle go right through my finger tip. Next, this is the worst part, I saw my impaled finger. I will spare you the grizzly details. Needless to say, I lifted my needle immediately and pulled my finger out. Umm, I am not proud to say I began freaking out at this point and my husband came running and he had to pull out the thread. That's right, I sewed my finger. To the fabric. Yeah.

It turns out there is nothing really to be done for this type of injury (as long as it is not near the base of the nail and does not get infected). I am current on tetanus (professional archaeologist here).  We did not even have to see a doctor (we called to ask). It is actually pretty much healed at this point. I just can not unsee that needle. through. my. finger.

My husband gets major credit for taking care of me and throwing away the bloody thread and needle. Although he did point out the needle seemed perfectly usable, to which I responded, "I am NOT sewing with something that has been through my body."

Most importantly there was no blood on my gift. I finished it that evening.

There are no pictures for this story (you are welcome).

Anyone else had sewing related injuries? I need to learn what to protect myself from in the future... Rotary cutters are coming to get me...

I hope you had a Merry Christmas friends! I am going to post about my New Year's resolutions soon. Happy Sewing!


  1. No injuries yet but the needle, rotary cutter or iron (probably the iron) is out to get me too (cue Jaws music). Also, is this just my imagination or does the Drex stocking have an appliqued T. rex with a top hat on?

  2. Disposing bloody thread and needles is totally a husband job! Ick! It's impressive that you finished though. (And now I'm going to be more careful when sewing with zippers!) I haven't had any sewing injuries just yet, but I feel it's just a matter of time. I've heard of too many rotary cutter incidents. Yikes! But if it's all the same, I'll go without. :)


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