Sunday, December 9, 2012

Magical Weekend at Home! Embroidery!

After nine days in Atlanta, I am finally home. Woot!

Coming home after a work trip always feels like a party. My husband usually has one of my favorite beers and a special dinner waiting for me. The cat runs circles around the house (I think of this as a greeting of sorts). Our bed seems extra comfy. 

This time it was extra awesome to come home because I had happy fabric mail waiting for me!

This is (from right to left) Heather Ross's Playing with Horses and Nursery Versery, two Liberty Lifestyle Bloomsburry Collection prints (don't ask me which prints...), and oh deer by MoMo for Moda. These may have been my black friday splurges. Can you believe those Heather Ross prints were on sale?

I also got some more Kona grays. Lately I have been using gray for everything... My stash was really looking depleted. I feel like gray really allows bright colors to pop without showing the dirt like white. This is great for babies and purses... Lately, I have been finding myself using more and more solids. I have aspirations of making an entirely solid quilt top soonish (After Christmas for sure though). 

Speaking of Christmas, has everybody else been buried under present making this year? I sort of over committed myself to handmade presents and I have been going a bit nuts.  Speaking of me going nuts...  um, normally I sew way more quilts. All of my little embroidery projects, pouches, purses, etc. are totally a product of the Christmas season. I miss you quilts! I will come back to you soon! I promise!

I finished this embroidery project in Atlanta and got it mounted and pretty today! I am not going to talk about the line at A.C. Moore to get the canvas. I am still traumatized.

It is even stamped on the back. Right on.

This is for our friend Julie to put next to her desk while she works on her dissertation (I do not think Julie reads this blog, if you are reading this Julie, sorry). I hope it makes her smile (and she does not feel like she has to hide it from polite company).

It has to travel to Germany now, so travel like the wind cheeky embroidery!


  1. Great fabric purchases! I really love Oh Deer...I made a quilt from it that is my favorite quilt I've made.

    Glad you are home and hopefully you can get back to making quilts soon:)

  2. OMGoodness, almost fell off my chair when I read your embroidery. HAHA. Hilarious. Giggle giggle. So much fun!


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