Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More Christmas Presents... [WIP]

I am crazy.

There are 13 days until Christmas (something I think most of us know). Derek and I have to ship many of our presents across the country.

So, naturally, I am nowhere near finished with my presents and I started a new project last night. Btw, these photos are terrible. It is dark when I get home from work, so the light is awful.

I am making my husband's grandparents a mini flying geese quilt. I got all of little geese cut and pieced last night and now I just have to lay them out. Gammie and Granddad are two truly amazing people who are special to both Derek and I.  Gammie is a quilter, so I know she will really appreciate my efforts. We share our work, one of her quilts is on our bed, and she constantly inspires me.

I am making my dad a roll-up tool kit (sort of like a knitting needle case). He requested this custom organizer for his airplane tools. Did I mention that my father was a private pilot? To get the custom fit he is looking for, he sent me the tools. From Portland.

This is going to be the outside of the roll. Love Architextures.

This is what I have so far. Now I need to get the pockets all together, labeled, and sent out. Ha! That is a ton of work.

Okay, enough internet time. Back to sewing.


PS-I got my fabrics back from the color wheel swap. I am in love with this gorgeous rainbow. Thank you Megan from City Stitches for organizing. I love fun mail!

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  1. I'm also in a panic about gifts that aren't complete yet (or started, in some cases). I love the flying geese, and your dad's custom organizer looks great! Good luck with your finishes :)

  2. I love those geese! I can't wait to see the final product. And Architextures...oh, I'm jealous. The organizer will be super fun, I'm sure. Good luck!

  3. *Sigh* we are totally crazy, us stitchy people! I have a quilt I am not finished that needs to go across country too...and late will not do. Guess what I am doing tomorrow!!! Though I must admit, I am looking forward to a day of sewing, as I have been doing everything but lately (shopping, cleaning, working ugh! HAHA!). Happy sewing!

  4. Oh! The usual panic that gets us! I am still waiting for my backing fabric to arrive from US, and next Saturday I have to get a quilt finished! I am really frustrated... I also love Architextures!

  5. Haha! He shipped you his tools!? That's amazing. I have the same 13 days left and needing to ship predicament. And the worst part - the wait at the post office. I know it is gonna take me two hours. Good luck getting your presents finished!


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