Sunday, December 16, 2012

Crazy Time Sewing

This weekend was full of crazy time sewing. We need to get our boxes in the mail full of Christmas presents.

I ran around like a crazy lady trying to get it all put together. I thought about showing you a picture of my messy sewing space. It was just too embarressing

This is just one example...

I decided I wanted to make a mini-quilt for Derek's grandparents and ended up having a couple of fits and starts with this project. I mean, seriously, I made this quilt three times.

I stared with these tulips. Then, they were taking too long! I love them though...

Then I put together these little flying geese. Except when the little quilt came together it did not look quite right. I could not put my finger on it, so I put the top on instagram (btw, follow me at stitchingandbacon). My friend Ashley defined it for me when she told me it looked like a cult flag. Yup. Sure does.

Scratch that idea.

I used the scraps from the "cult flag" to make this little pinwheel quilt. It came together super quickly and the quilting was really fun. I think that Gammie and Grandad will really love it.

Sorry for the instagram and iPhone photos! I did not have time for fancy camera pictures.

Back to work! I still have presents to make that need to be ready for Christmas. I know, I am down to the wire right now. Only zippy pouches left!

I am in the field this week, but I get to work from home. No sewing will get done, but I get to sleep in my bed every night. Wish me luck!

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