Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Building Quilts Block by Block [WIP]

In 2013, I have been making blocks. I am desperately craving a finished product, but in order to do that you need to get your construction materials on hand!

Also, your bee mates do not really want you to forget them. I am new to this whole bee thing, but I would presume that makes them cranky.

Okay, my blocks.

Sew South House Block

Jenifer from Ellison Lane Quilts asked all of the Sew South attendees to make a house block for a quilt for the Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte.

I searched the interwebs for something fun and, dare I say, whimsical. I used my newly polished paper piecing skillz to make this mushroom house (awesome free pattern here).

Make it Modern Bee Blocks

This month I put together an improv log cabin block for Kelie of Craft Nurse. I am calling this block "I put a bird on it".... (Portlandia, anyone?).

Sami's Quilts and Crafts, requested this block she is calling Mama Goose. Her final design for all of these blocks is pretty spectacular (btw, this particular block is not quite done...).

Lucky Stars Block of the Month

I finished my January Star. I am already looking forward to February. Who knew paper piecing could be so fun.

Look how pretty the practice block and the January block look next to each other...

Lining up the Stars Quilt (working title)

I doodled out this block based on a design my friend painted on the an egg (she does these amazing wax died/painted blown eggs). Then I went. to. town.  I need 25 of these blocks to finish this as a throw quilt. I have 10 done and 5 in the hole.

This is on the fast track though. I am anxious to get this on the couch before winter is over.


Because it is pretty.

Would people be interested in a tutorial on how these blocks were made? It is pretty straight forward modification of the basic HST star. I am not sure I can claim to be it's "designer" per se... I am sure someone has made this sucker before. I would be happy to write out how I am doing these blocks if there is interest.

Dad's Tool Roll

This is not a block. It is a long overdue Christmas present. But, it is AWESOME. I am finished with all of the little pockets. Now I need to make labels and hand sew them on to the pockets. I also need to hand sew on the velcro (poor planning on my part has resulted in this necessary evil). So, it still needs a lot of work. But, it holds tools. It is adorable. My Dad will love it.

That is my week. In patchwork. Exhausting.

We are going to have a friend (who does not sew) coming to visit this weekend, so I do not expect to get a ton of sewing done. Maybe, if I am lucky, I can finish my Dad's present? In between glasses of wine with Amber?
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  1. Ooh, I just love all your fabulous blocks! Love them all!

  2. Mushroom fairy house and fussy cut birdies...I want to play too. So adorable! I just finished my first star for Lucky Stars and it was my very first paper piecing experience. All the while I was sewing it, I was thinking exactly the same thing you said - who knew it would be so awesome. Totally addicted. Love your colour choices for your stars!!!

  3. cacao.
    Also the mushroom block is cute. Love all your projects.

  4. Gorgeous blocks, your fabrics and colours are great! I'd love to have a tutorial on making those stars. And why not throw in a few words on fabric choices?! I finished my first two stars too, its an adventure!

  5. Oh your stars are beautiful, I've never seen anyone make those! Great color choices, I love the blocks!


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