Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014. Let's Do This Thing.

January the 1st is a day many people sit back and reflect about the past. We think about the triumphs and failures of the previous year. We consider resolutions forgotten or conquered. We reaffirm for the next year, refocus, and take a breath to get ready for another ride.

I love reflecting and writing lists, so here I am. Right now. I never remember resolutions, but lucky us, 2013 Sarah wrote them all down in this post. Go me. 

And guess what, drum roll please, I kept every resolution. Seriously, even the one about working out. 

I am not going to recap them, because new year, new resolutions. We are moving forward people. 2012/2013 resolution me is gone. 

But I am going to talk about 2013 makes. Because WOW! I feel productive. I mean, I made my first quilt in 2011/2012 and it took me awhile to pick up steam. 2013 is one for the record books! Just mine, not the world's, unless there is a category for most quilt photos taken in front of graffiti or most projects with pink incorporated?

This is really only a sample of makes. I am not much of a record keeper… But I think I finished 10 quilts. That warms my heart, quilts are my very favorite. I also made a bunch of bags, totes, pillows, and zippy pouches. 

Moving on now, it is 2014! 

This year is going to be a year of persistence and a little bit of self forgiveness. 

I am going to try to finish things and do things I know need to be done. But I am also going to forgive myself when I let something slide. Dwelling on my failures is poor character flaw and stress is so not good for you. I have a fair amount of self-doubt and insecurity in this self (sorry that is the grimy undertone to all of the shiny bacon on this blog). 

Sewing goals:
1. Finish more than 10 quilts! Beat the record! Win the race against yourself. 

2. More than finishes, I would like to learn new things and tackle projects that seem daunting. I want to make some things that stretch my skills and require some time and head scratching.

3. I also need to follow my own creative vision (see note about self-doubt above). I notice I like things more when I am just working on pleasing myself. But it is not just that, everyone, including the intended recipient likes them more when I focus on pleasing myself. [corny statement alert] When I am true to my vision, I am a better quilter. So stop worrying about other people Sarah! 

As a side note, I need to make the things I see in my head. Because when I do, I love them so much.

4. I would like to donate two quilts to charity (one is in the works right now). Cover the world in quilts!

5. I am not going to force myself to go on a fabric diet in 2014. I do have a ton of fabric, but I am not sure dieting is my path. I think I am going to try to be more intentional with fabric purchases this year. I need to ask myself if the fabric I want is fabric that can be used in a stitching and bacon quilt. I also need to destash the things that are not bacon compliant. P.S. - you might be surprised about what is bacon compliant, cats almost universally a yes, metallic is a yes, large floral is a no. This could be a whole post in itself, but it would probably be boring. 

6. Get myself out there as a quilter. I am not sure what form this will take… I am not certain I am a pattern designer (I just don't think my ideas are interesting or original) or if I could sell my work (and still make enough money to be worth it). I need to explore this goal a little more fully.

Okay, that is a lot of words on a page. Let's see if we can do this. 

2014. You look good. I see some sunshine and some rain. I see some fuzzy cats, good food, and lots of love ahead of me. 

Let's go to do this. 

Happy New Year friends. Thanks for being with me while I do this thing in this space. 



  1. wonderful New Year sentiments! And fantastic finishes from 2013. You go girl!

  2. I see my pillow a couple of times - I love it :-) It is sitting in my sun room and has a great presence. Great list can't wait to see what you do in 2014 :-)

  3. You already sound more confident than last year, more "out there" as a quilter/blogger (yes, I just went back and read last year's post!) I ran into you at the Fall bloggers quilt festival(? I think) and you are already one of my favorite bloggers :) And that woodpecker pillow is one of the very best things I've ever seen :) So yes, do this thing Sarah!!! Cheers!

  4. I would definitely be interested in a bacon-compliant fabric post. Ah, reflecting. I remember so clearly sitting near you, Robyn, and Trina on the bus the first hour of Sew South. Trying to converse and relate. Frequently just staring forward at the road and then yelling in my head “Turn around and think of something to say! You will talk to them and not just be a wallflower!!”

    Your role in 2014. Do you know the old Dimitri Martin skit on the Daily Show, Trend Spotting? But you have to sing it like he does TREEEENND spotting. Maybe you could be the tongue-in-cheek guest Trend Spotter for Sew Lux. Or Trend Starter. I suggest you start with clams.

  5. I approve of all things in this post. More Sarah inspired quilts. No fabric diets. More pink! I love it all!! Here's to 2014 and covering the world in quilts.

  6. Yes, yes, yes! The world needs more Sarah, I need more Sarah! Make 2014 epic!!

  7. Yeah! What a list! I'm excited to see what you make in 2014. I suggest you start with something metallic and catty, since both are apparently bacon-licious. Bring your large florals to the next guild meeting, I might buy them. And that bird… Man, Michelle was one lucky swapper on that one!

  8. Admirable goals...especially the ones that include more of Sarah's personality and dreams! You have sooo much of each and we (the world) need to hear about it and reflect on your ideas. I really enjoy your passion for quilting (and many other things!). No fabric diets is a good idea, but being very selective about what you LOVE is the best idea.

  9. Go Sarah. You have had a great year (2013) and the future looks bright and shiny.


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