Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cat Ladies Unite.

Hey friends!

I have some fun facts to share today.

1. I went to my besties cabin this weekend. We share everything, she even gave me her strep throat. I did get a ton done. I will talk about my project here soon.

2. I am in Charleston right now. Archaeology waits for no person or virus.

3. Antibiotics are my friend.

4. I have a finished quilt I have not photographed yet. Now I will have to wash it again, because the kitten loves it.

5. Speaking of cats, I have finished my cat lady quilt (first discussed here). End of list.

The cat quilt is the first quilt I quilted on my new Juki 2010q and I decided to go big and matchstick quilt this business. It was a dream on the Juki (I named her Juju).

The fabrics were pulled from my stash and this awesome bundle from Sew Lux (curated by me!!!).

Max approves of this quilt. There is something really awesome about cat on cats.

He also loves feathers. We don't even buy cat toys, just bags of feathers from the craft aisle. Not as awesome as birds would be, but a good second (this cat has never met a bird, but he has hopes). 

Quilt Stats:
Name: Cat Lady
Size: 57"x 57"
Pattern: From my head, inspired by Aneela Hoey and Elizabeth Hartman
Fabric: Many things, bundle from Sew Lux, some pearl bracelets, Mama Said Sew, and some Japanese cat prints (surely I forgot something).
Quilting: Matchstick lines with Aurifil thread
Finished: January 2014

PS - Meow love.


  1. I loved the colors of the fabric!! Looks great. Sorry about the strep throat. Between strep and the flu this season has definitely been a hard one for a lot of people.

  2. yeah that Lee -- she's super generous like that. Love that quilt as a fellow cat lady.

  3. Love your gorgeous Max cat on your beautiful cat quilt!!

  4. I love your cat quilt and I really love Charleston. We went there for our honeymoon!

  5. Love your Cat Lady quilt and Im' not even a cat lady! Your drunkard's medallion has left Winston and is on its way!

  6. Which is it virus or bacteria!! No need for antibiotics for your virus. PSA over. #nerdybiologistrant

  7. I love this quilt...and Max is adorable too. Hope you are feeling better soon. Strep is not to be taken lightly. (I may send you my "auntie" lecture separately!)

  8. This turned out fantastic!! You color placement is perfect - love the one with the teal woodgrain as the background. It's totally a Sarah quilt! Bring it next Uphome Retreat - I have to see it in person :-)


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