Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Entertaining the Bacon

When bacon sews she does not like to sew in silence. She also likes to include random photos in blog posts. Apparently she blogs in third person occasionally.

I like to listen to podcasts and music. Sometimes I watch movies and TV shows. This thing is, when you are sewing, measuring, or reading directions you really can't be watching something serious. Nothing important, nothing intense. You can't be hanging on every word or looking at a screen. We can not talk about the time I sewed through my finger while watching West Wing.

I thought I would list some of my preferred sewing listening/watching. I have a new finish to show you soon, I just didn't feel like editing photos tonight (real life).

Just to note, I have terrible taste. I really like mindless entertainment, so don't judge me. I promise I know I have terrible taste and I chose to watch these shows because they make me happy.

I subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime. I listen to a lot of Spotify and watch Hulu. I also subscribe to podcasts on iTunes. The one thing I do not have is broadcast television or cable…. I am reliably not up on what is happening in that world. I am also approximately one season behind on all shows. These are all in no particular order.

What do you watch/listen to while sewing? I love to discover new things! Please share, please.

Things I watch:
1.) 19 Kids and Counting (Netflix) - I am fascinated by the Duggars. I literally love this family and this show and I could not tell you why.
2.) My Cat from Hell (Netflix) - I love cats. I want Jackson Galaxy to come meet my cat.
3.) Scandal (Netflix) - Oh Olivia… I wish I dressed like you, and acted like you, and, just watch this.
4.) Sister Wives (Netflix) - Like a train wreck?
5.) Ramseys Kitchen Nightmares, British version is best (Netflix) - I have terrible taste.
6.) Extreme Couponing (Netflix) - This show makes me want to clip coupons and eat more processed foods.
7.) Murder She Wrote (Netflix) - Just assume Jessica Fletcher is always the murderer. It makes it more fun. Also, if Cabot Cove were a real place it would have the highest murder rate, like ever.
8.) What Not to Wear (Netflix) - I find this show empowering and uplifting.
9.) Project Runway (Hulu) - It is about sewing. Do I need to say anything else?
10.) America's Next Top Model (Hulu and Amazon Prime) - I am not sure why this show fascinates me. I like watching skinny people obsess about how hard it is to take a good picture?
11.) The Batchelor/ette  (Hulu) - Well, I should not have to explain this.
12.) How I Met Your Mother (Netflix) - I just want to know how! How did he meet their mother?

1.) Stuff Mom Never Told You - It is sort of a feminist history/how stuff works show. I come away feeling smart and slightly empowered. Don't listen if you hate feminism.
2.) Amy's Creative Side - This is about quilting. It makes me feel happy.
3.) NPR: Pop Culture Happy Hour - This is a show about pop culture. It is irreverent and funny. It makes me feel like I know what is going on in the world of pop culture even though I have not set foot in a movie theater since 2012.
4.) Joy the Baker Podcast - It is not about baking. I feel like I am listening to my girlfriends chat.
5.) The Because Show - If you consider yourself conservative or slightly prudish, you might not enjoy this show. It is like listening to the girls you wish you were cool enough to be friends with chat. There is an episode where the ladies interview a former harem girl that I would like to particularly recommend.
6.) Radiolab from WNYC - Science!
7.) Welcome to Nightvale - Creepy, fictional NPR in a dark place.

Music (I am just going to list band or artist names, no descriptions, I like moody music with a beat):
1.) Jagwar Maw
2.) Camera Obscura
3.) Rosanne Cash
4.) Carolina Chocolate Drops
5.) Neko Case
6.) Best Coast
7.) Alabama Shakes
8.) The Secret Sisters
9.) Yo-Yo Ma


  1. Of course you sewed through your finger during West Wing. Awesome show. And they talk fast. Something makes me think Gilmore Girls should be on your tv list. Then again, I think it should be on everyone's list. Last random thought: yes, I want to dress like Olivia Pope, too, but only a few can get away with wearing that much white.

  2. I watched most of Numb3rs and Medium working on two different quilts. No judgement from me! :)

  3. I listen to alot of Pandora, and my new guilty pleasure is Alaska The Last Frontier - about a homesteading family, Fascinated by it, can't imagine the challenge but I am intrigued by the challenge! I used to watch Sister Wives - agree - train wreck and I just couldn't deal with Kody's hair. Can't wait to see your new project!

  4. If you watch Hulu I would recommend The Misfits and The Wrong Man's. They are both Hulu exclusives and hilarious. Plus there are several seasons of the Misfits to keep you entertained through lots of quilting.

  5. Ha! I am so out of any loop I don't know what most of these even are! My oldest has me on a Waylon Jennings kick right now, along with perennial favorite, Johnny Cash...and I come up with some fun bluegrass finds on youtube...most recently Cody Schuler and Pine Mtn Railroad, and The Purple Hulls. I can't reliably sew anything while watching anything, so it is okay for me to stick in a DVD and listen to it from the other room...I know them all by heart so I can kinda watch it in my head lol! Faves: Waking Ned, Get Smart, Sense and Sensability, Little Big League...I am a "uniform" kinda person...I can just do/wear/listen to the same stuff over and over til it disintegrates and I am forced to get something new! lol!

  6. I think we all have those guilty pleasure shows we listen to while quilting and your list makes me smile. The Duggars - I love and judge them (they seem to be making their kids raise their kids and I'm not sure I think this is fair...) Scandal -- oh my Olivia! Can I just have her purses??? What Not to Wear! I can't believe some of these people actually look at themselves in the mirror before they leave home! Thanks for the giggle.

  7. well, judging from how many things on your list I also like, it would seem I have poor taste too! Thanks for sharing, I'm totally checking out some of your podcasts. :) And I would recommend Pat Sloans All People Quilt Podcast to you.

  8. Project runway Australia and Canada if you can't get enough. They are on YouTube. I listen.watch 30 Rock, once upon a time.

  9. I listen to classical/art music while sewing and occasionally a sporting event(I can hear the TV that Jim is watching the game on....I hate it when he mutes it, then I don't know what is going on because I can't see it!) I do like NCIS, Project Runway, Top Chef(sometimes) and Big Bang re-runs when I am chillin out at night...doing my bindings. Not too techno-savvy here.

    Wedding was beautiful!! Now I can concentrate on "the" quilt again!


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