Sunday, December 29, 2013

and then fade to black

I have a confession to make right now.

I am a Carolyn Friedlander fan girl. If she touches it, I will probably like it.

She is super sweet and awesome (I met her this fall). I sort of wish we were friends. I even got her to sign a block for the back of my Botanics quilt.

When buzz about her new line Botanics started making its way around the inter webs I knew I would like it. Some people call this a line of "blenders" but I sort of hate that term. I see this as a line of dynamic prints with great hue saturation (probably not saying that right).

This is the kind of fabric line that makes my life easy. I like to work with colors, I am not necessarily attracted to prints in my quilting. I tend to buy fancy multi-colored prints and then never use them. These single color prints are the types of fabrics I will use.

Also there are metallics and I like shiny things. This is metallics done right y'all.

I bought a charm pack of Botanics from someone on Instagram (check me out @stitchingandbaon) right after quilt market. As soon as I spread out the charms I saw the saturation spectrum and my orderly instincts felt the need to sort! Sort all of the things!

So I went from there, working with what I had…. which happened to include a couple of charm packs of Bella bleached white.

Then I added the negative space and here we are.

I heart you Carolyn Friedlander. Keep doing what you are doing. That is all.

I stamped my label onto the back of this quilt before quilting. This means I did not have to hand stitch a label anywhere. What do you think of this? Keep it going? Crazy sauce? Ambivalence?

Love you friends! Hope you had a Merry Christmas and are ready for an epic New Year.

Quilt Stats:
Name: Fade to Black
Size: 58" x 68"
Fabrics: All of the Botanics line, made by Robert Kaufman and designed by Carolyn Friendlander, Moda Solids Bleached White, and some Kate Spain (couldn't tell you the line name)
Pattern: My own (using the stitch and flip triangle technique)
Finished: December 2013
Quilting: Spiral from the center using Aurifil thread


  1. Looove Botanics - wished for and received a bundle from Santa! Cannot wait to start using it - I totally agree with you, I find that her tone on tone/no wild many-coloured-prints is my style too. I like colour, just not necessarily all in one fabric. As for the stamping - yes!

  2. I like your stamp. And your quilt.

  3. Very very cool quilt! I love all your stamps! The right font, the right my opinion

  4. Oh awesomeness! I love all of it! The fabrics are fantastic, the design is so clever. And the stamping is REALLY cool. How did you do that? You have letter stamps I'm guessing?

  5. I am a huge fan too. I love the botanics line - I can't bring myself to use and I already know that I will be buying more :-). Her classes are great too. I loved the tree paper piecing class she did at Thimble pleasures. I was so pleased that she was teaching in Nashville Sew Down.

    Great quilt....huge fan of this quilt too :-). I can not believe how you churn these out. You can come to my house any time you are bored - I have plenty of work to share ;-)

  6. Another fabulous quilt, Sarah! I love the colors and fabrics...completely different from my usual choices, but one of these days, I'll try your way! The quilting is way cool. And I like the stamped label...very you.

  7. Beautiful quilt! The negative space fits well with those bits o' Botanics. And I vote 'yes' for the stamp. Does it wash well? It looks really good!

  8. Really, really great. So original and calm and beautiful. Did you quilt free motion or with your walking foot?

  9. Great quilt. I like the stamping idea.

  10. I love how this turned out! Keep up the awesomeness! BTW, we are definitely friends! :)

    1. Thanks Carolyn! I appreciate the love and you should keep up the awesomeness too.

  11. One of my favorite quilts of 2013! Perfection!

  12. love this quilt... and i need to know more about how you stamped your label. that is genius!


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