Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cover the World in Quilts. Quilt Lemonade.

Good afternoon my dear friends! Today I am blogging at you from Buffalo, New York. My family had a little reunion in Niagara Falls this weekend and Derek and I are spending the night in Buffalo before we head back to North Carolina.

Yesterday, we rode a boat underneath Niagara Falls (EPIC! AMAZING!).

Today, we bought my husband hockey skates and ate Buffalo wings (when in Buffalo...).

Tomorrow, we journey home and do laundry.

Tuesday, I am heading to Alabama for work.

Life is funny sometimes.

To the point... I made this quilt.

In the world of quilting there are many very deserving charitable organizations that ask for your talents. It can be sort of hard to determine which organizations to support with your limited time and resources. I read my friend (and guild mate) Val's passionate request for quilts for the kids living in a safe house in La Limonada, a community in Guatemala, and I knew I had to make her a quilt. According to Val, many of these kids have nothing to call their own. Can you imagine having nothing? Can you imagine not feeling safe as a kid? Or your kid not being or feeling safe?

This scrappy coin quilt was made with a little boy in mind. The colors were inspired by a terribly destroyed quilt my father's grandmother had made for him. My dad loves this quilt!

I have been informed that this quilt has journeyed down to Guatemala and is in possession of a little boy who is very pleased with it. Actually, I was sent a little picture and thank you from Val herself, but I can't share it because this little boy's anonymity needs to be protected. I can share that the photo made me happy cry.

If you are interested in making a quilt for Quilt Lemonade, the details are here. The organization working in La Limonada is Lemonade International and there are many other ways you can help this community.

Quilt Stats:
Name: Cover the World in Quilts
Size: Approximately 50" x 55"
Fabric: Scraps
Quilting: Infinity Loops with Aurifil Thread
Finished: June 2014

If you like this quilt, see this quilt, which is very similar.


  1. Oh, I have a soft spot for Guatemalan children. I will check out the link for more info.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this information. Definitely planning on sponsoring a teacher.

  3. Isn't it wonderful to use our love of quilts to wrap up a little one and give them a gift of love?

  4. So great!! I have a quilt in the works to give Val, too. It is so hard to imagine the lives that these children must have. If making one a quilt can bring some comfort and happiness, then I am humbled and honored to do it!!

  5. That is the perfect quilt for a little boy! Bravo to you for taking the time and effort to make another life brighter. Your dad is such a softy....:)

  6. This post made me happy cry! You are a dear and I'm thankful to call you friend. I know your quilt is being loved big time by that sweet little boy!


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