Sunday, August 11, 2013

Untitled Baby Edition

I had trouble naming this quilt. My husband and I tossed around a couple of ideas.... Down by the Sea, Vintage Flower, Blue...

I think I am going to just call it untitled. That sounds artsy, right?

That name sort of goes with my process for this one. I just started pulling fabrics from my scrap bins and cutting them into 6 inch long rectangles of varying widths. I intentionally did not let myself pick favorites or cull the stack. If it was long enough, I cut it.

The quilt is mostly blue because I started in my blue bin. I started in my blue bin because it was too full to close. At some point I decided this was going to be a baby quilt and stopped cutting (side note: so many baby quilts this year!). Then I decided it was going to be for girl, so I dived into the pink bin. Then I threw in some grays to give it some fun.

Ta Da!

I love it. Somehow the craziness works. Is that a metaphor for life? Maybe, sometimes the little bits of ugly will make something pretty.

Too sentimental. Probably.

This quilt is heading off to a baby in Canada soon, eh.


Quilt Stats:
Size: 40" x 44"
Pattern: Scrappy Coin Quilt. Idea has been floating around the world for awhile, no pattern needed.
Fabrics: So many. The solids are probably all Kona cottons and Essex Linens.
Quilting: Free motion infinity, pieced and quilted with Aurifil thread.
Finished: July 2013

P.S. - Photos were taken in front of my neighborhood fish monger. Yeah, I have a fish monger within walking distance of my house.


  1. Pretty coins. It is a seafood kind of week I suppose. Whatabout "Untitled, Eh"

  2. "Fish Mongering" just doesn't have the right ring to it for a title, does it? Least of all for a baby! I was reading your post looking at the photo thinking, "Where in the hell is she?!" Then I scrolled down... Even for a fish monger, that's pretty wackadoo! Quirky quilt though!

  3. Word verification. Why oh why, Ms. Bacon?!

  4. I agree, it totally works. You mixed in just enough neutrals with the bright blues and pinks--it's got good rhythm, you know? So...those are probably crayfish not lobsters painted on the wall, right. Great place for photos.

  5. It's so pretty! Your scrap bin must be full of goodness.

    Looks very vintage. "Vintage Baby" "Baby Vintage" I'm just spit-balling here...

  6. I love the spontaneity of this quilt.

  7. Lovely quilt and great photo location! Very cute, and I agree, so many babies this year! I'm working on my 4th baby quilt, and that's just the ladies in my office! I have a 5th to get going on, too!


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