Saturday, July 5, 2014

Plus One. Green.

I know I am not supposed to apologize for absences in this space. I would like to apologize anyway. I am sorry. I feel like my lack of posts is symptomatic of my general inability to stay on top of things lately. And don't feel sorry for me... we all get in the hole sometimes. Being an adult is hard.

Enough whining.

I finished another quilt.

This one was for a very special little boy who is  expected any day now. In fact, I had dinner with his mother tonight and I am pretty sure she would love for him to make an appearance.

I really wanted to make a scrappy plus quilt. Then I did and it was adorable.

These fabrics are mostly scraps, although I had to cut into some of the "low volume" yardage to give it a little variety.

I tried to get some fun surprises in there too. Like the animals and the "G" because the baby's last name starts with the letter G (a first name has not been decided as of yet). The one green plus is significant too. I accidentally fussy cut some inappropriate fabric in there... nothing profane, just not baby appropriate. Ten points to Gryffindor if you find it.

Then I did some organic straight line quilting, but not too much (so it would still be snuggly, a huge concern for my husband). I had some problems with the feeds being unequal during quilting, even with the walking foot, maybe it has something to do with my presser foot pressure? I am not sure anyone would notice after washing. I can tell, but can't we always find our own mistakes? I am 100% the little buddy is not going to notice when he finally decides to come and meet us all.

Despite my extended absence you should all come back on Monday for an announcement.

PS - I am not pregnant

PPS - So many people in my life are pregnant I feel like I need to say that.

Quilt Stats:
Name: Plus one
Size: Approximately 36" x 42"
Fabric: Scraps! Lots of Kona Cotton for the solids
Quilting: Organic lines with Aurifil thread
Finished: June 2014


  1. I can't believe you posted here first that you're not pregnant!! How could you not tell me directly?! Wait... Are you trying to not get pregnant?!?! Inappropriate blog comments for the win! Feel free to delete this nonsense. Oh, and I love your quilt!! It's awesome! And putting a sniper in Dallas on a baby quilt is also inappropriate!

  2. Cute! I will be back for your "I'm not pregnant!" announcement! ;)

  3. This is great, and I love little things like the inappropriate sniper! Those are the things that make quilts special :)

  4. its beautiful, I just finished one too..

  5. Love the green one. Maybe the baby's first name should be Sniper? Sounds pretty good to me. I'm pregnant enough for everyone...

  6. Positively cute! Surely this little guy will love playing with and snuggling in his quilt.

  7. I love the colours you chose for this (came over from flickr to have a better look:-)


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