Monday, December 23, 2013

Cat Lady (Meow) Quilt.

Today is a big day. I worked my last day before Christmas. I get a week off now. I have an unbelievably huge pile of sewing projects and Christmas cookies.


I also get to show you my finished Cat Lady quilt top. Meow. For the Ladies Night Challenge.

This quilt was inspired by my Ladies Night bundle (still available at Sew Lux).


It was also inspired by some amazing Elizabeth Hartman and Aneela Hoey cat quilts.  I elected to paper piece mine (because meow I hate measuring) and the sizing is totally different. If you are interested I could probably share my techniques. Let me know.

Finally, while I am talking about inspiration, I would like to thank Max the cat. He is the fuzziest meow cat in the world (sorry other cats) and provides the ultimate inspiration.

Each block measures 11.5 inches finished and the quilt is about 58 inches by 58 inches. It is now meow basted and ready to quilt.

In other news, we decided to extend the deadline for the challenge to December 31st. Now is the time friends! Sew something wonderful for yourself. Enter the drawing. There are fabulous prizes!

I love you all. Merry Christmas Eve Eve.

PS - Meow.


  1. I have so enjoyed the progress of your cat quilt on IG, and it is meowvelous! I am so happy for you to have a whole week off!! Such things you'll accomplish, I know. Merry Christmas, dear you. Also, I'd love your making techniques. xxoo

  2. The cats are so cute. And I love seeing True Colors popping up in quilts already.

  3. The cats are so nice. Glad you have time off work so you can have some real fun. Happy New Year...woof! (That's from Molly).

  4. This is so fun! And I love your Max!! The extended deadline should maybe be posted on the linky post at SewLux?

  5. Haha! Love this post. Meow. BTW - your Ladies Night bundle is MY FAV. I found you from finding that somewhere over in blogland. Your cat quilt is the cat's pajamas. :) Love it!


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