Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ladies Night: Show me Yours

Hey Friends!

It is December 11th. I am officially freaking out about Christmas. I really only have two gifts left to make, but it seems like I am facing a never ending battle.

I feel like an elf in a sweatshop.

Good news everyone! (name that show?) I am done traveling until 2014!

Other piece of good news! It is time to show off (or start on) your Ladies Night Challenge projects. My challenge is coming along swimingly. For challenge info check out this super informative post.

Seriously, it is a little bit of pink and teal sanity. I am calling it my cat lady quilt. I will fill in the details when I finish the top. Clearly, it is epic.

Today is the first day to link up finished projects. You have until December 23rd (time that I clearly need).

If you have a finished project (quilt top must be finished top and anything else should just be finished) made from one of the three color choices, just head over here and enter in your linky info. Remember, you don't need a blog to enter! One entry per color way. If you need help with anything (including tough love or tender encouragement) drop me a line.

I promise mine will be finished by December 23rd.

Also, today I tell you what nifty things you could win if you link it up! We will be selecting three winners by random from anyone who has finished a project.

One winner will get a custom wonky triangle pouch made by me especially for them (first noted here). It will be pencil sized and made from a color of your choice with a first name of your choice. This is super limited edition (as in, I don't sell them and only my bestest friends get them, do you want to be my bestest friend?).

Another winner will get a set of three patterns from May Chappell, a super talented and amazing designer, quilter, and friend. The patterns will include her Lazy Sunday, Designer Star, and Fantastically Fussy. This would be an awesome score!

The last lucky winner will get a $30 gift certificate to Sew Lux Fabrics. Chrissy has some amazing stuff. I am trying really hard to not click on this and go shopping right now. It is that good.

So link up! Win something! See the other awesome makes. Make friend.

Love you,

PS - I have actual FINISHED quilts to show off someday. When I have time. When the sweatshop closes for the season?


  1. I am really excited...I thought I wouldn't have the right colors and I wouldn't be able to play...BUT remembered some orphan charms...and I've been playing all day!! Did I mention I am excited!!! And yay for you getting to stay home for a little while!!!

  2. I'm glad you have some breathing time now.

  3. Love your background fabrics for your cat lady quilt!

  4. I am loving your cat lady quilt and you know how I feel about cats, but the fabric variety I can take :) I wanted to do a project to link up, but my sweatshop is still in full swing. I need like another week until Christmas, can you make that happen friend?!

  5. Love cat lady quilt. Love.

    Re: freaking out about Christmas: Every damn year! I will literally never learn to knit the socks in July. I will only ever put everything off until the first week of December and then freak out. I have four things to finish (everyone else is getting store-bought and can stick it) but I also feel sweat-shop-y. Good luck to you, fellow Elf!

  6. I really like the cat lady quilt! I see one in your mom's future! The challenge sounds fun, but due to circumstances way beyond my control (you know, grammie has been REALLY sick) I'll have to pass this time. The prizes are really awesome. Glad you are home to finish all your projects....when your done, come to my house!


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