Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Work in Progress [Wednesday]

In the spirit of having way too many things going on, I started a new project this week. I decided to get better (read, learn how to) paper piecing. I printed this free pattern off the internet and went to town. Then our printer ran out of ink. But, this flower looks good right? Someday we will go get ink, then I am going to make two more and this will become a mini quilt that is going to good home for Christmas. 

I finished the stitching on the binding for this baby quilt. Then my fuzzy cat decided it was the best bed he had ever had. He slept here for about seven hours and I did not have the heart to move him. By the time he woke up, it was dark. Photos will come, someday, when it is light when I get home from work or this weekend.

I have been quilting this monster. Just a little bit everyday... I am so close to done.

I have made absolutely no progress on this project. I just wanted to show pictures of these blocks because they. are. adorable. My goodness, Elizabeth Hartman (Modern Patchwork), you are my hero. Someday these blocks are going to grow up into their own happy neighborhood quilt.

I also just found out I have to go to Tennessee next weekend for work, so we will see what sort of progress I make before leaving.... 

I am linking this up! So, if you are new to my blog (and you have made it this far) thanks!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. Hi Sarah. Your house blocks look fabulous. Good luck with your quilting. It sometimes seems like a monumental task that never ends! Just checked out your first quilt too and it is really lovely. Love the name of your blog - two of my favourite things too! Found you through Freshly Pieced Wip wednesday.

    1. And you pp flower block looks awesome! Forgot to add that bit. Haven't tried paper piecing as yet but def need too

    2. Thanks! I thought it was going to be super hard, and then I tried it and I was surprised by how simple it was. I am sure I have a ton to learn.... but it was fun to feel like I conquered a skill.

  2. Love your projects you have going on. Like the blog name too.

  3. Welcome to blog-land! Love that flower block!


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