Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Little Pouch Finish

I had high hopes for this weekend. I was going to sleep excessively (no kids at this house), clean the bathroom, and sew to my hearts content. It is Sunday night. I am exhausted, the bathroom is filthy, and I got one project done. But, I am still a happy girl. Good weekend.  

Friday night we found out a good friend got a job interview (big deal for the graduate students), so naturally we had to celebrate. Then on Saturday, we decide to do some casual day drinking. It was sunny outside and there is a local bar with a beer garden that just needed to be occupied. Around 3 pm we sat down and enjoyed one of those beautiful fall days that just seem impossible to remember in the depths of the gray winter. 

Not much else got done. Sunday, I had to get some serious sewing done. It calms my soul when I sit at  my sewing machine. There is nothing quite like looking at your stash, selecting some fabrics, and just making something. A dear friend of mine needed a zippy pouch. She is also obsessed with all things pig so I knew I needed to cut into some of my Heather Ross Nursery Versery. 

I made them into polaroid style blocks (using no tutorial, but stealing many a person's wonderful idea) and I am not entirely happy with how mine turned out. I think the pigs are a bit washed out behind the orange. I thought white would make the whole square look like negative space, but now.... maybe I should have gone with white borders and they would look more polaroid-y? I am certain I got the proportions a bit off. 

I am sure she will love it though. It has pigs, what more could a girl want? It could be a purse or just a handy little pencil case. She can be the judge. 

Pattern: A lot of modifications to the LBG Studio Leather Accent Pouch Pattern. 
Materials: Yarn-died Linen in black, Nursery Versery, some random shot cottons I found in my scraps, Pellon 809 Decor Bond, and a 9-inch metal zipper


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! And I think your polaroids look great :-)

    1. Thanks! I had a good time this weekend... but not much to show for it!

  2. I need a weekend like that. Sounds lovely and relaxing. And I love the piggy pouch! I think it looks awesome.


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