Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hello Internet Here I Am!

Sew machine and my beautiful kitten.

Welcome to the world stitching and bacon.

My sewing obsession has reached a new high. Here is the blog where I will attempt to record my passion.

First, my story.

I learned to sew when I was a little girl. I guess, I was sort of into it. Mostly, I just liked going to the fabric store with my mom and picking out the pretty fabrics (okay, I still like that part). In graduate school, a friend had a sewing machine and I started borrowing it to make purses and presents for my friends and myself.

I love fabric!
After graduate school, I moved to North Carolina (away from my friend with the sewing machine) and I got a machine for Christmas! I used my new machine sporadically to make pretty little treats for myself. Last year my husband left to spend a year in Germany to complete his dissertation research. I was left in North Carolina with our cat and my sewing machine. Full disclosure, the trip to Germany was long planned for and I could have gone if I were willing to leave my job (he did not abandon me).

I made it may goal to make a quilt while he was gone. It seemed like a massive undertaking.

My first quilt. 
Then I hit the internet.

It turns out there are wonderful people all over the internet ready and happy to teach you how to make beautiful things! I learned about modern quilting and, well,  how to make a quilt. It look me about a month to make that first quilt. Now I am obsessed. My husband is home and my new hobby is not going anywhere

I could not just stop....

The back of my first quilt.


  1. hi!

    i'm also in north carolina.
    and a fellow future-sew-south-retreat-attender.

    welcome to blog world! :)

    well, that's all. just wanted to say hi. :)

    1. Hello Sarah! You also have an awesome name! I am so excited to meet you this March. I am a little disappointed that it is so long until then.

  2. Welcome to blogging Sarah! I love all the projects you've shared so far, especially the paper pieced flower. Look forward to meeting you in March!

    (and now I leave craving bacon, lol)


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