Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sunny Patchwork Table Runner

Today was a day. I got up in North Carolina and now I am preparing to go to bed in Georgia. 

So much has happened, I will outline it in bullet points.
  • I drove so much. 

  • My cat attacked me (for no good reason... jerk). 

  • I drank an energy drink.

  • I worked at my job site for what seemed like 20 minutes and managed to get totally frustrated. 

  • Went out to dinner with a dear friend. 

  • Embroidery.
That makes me more tired just looking at it. I don't want to talk about this any more, I do want to talk about this sweet little table runner I made. 

Last weekend, I decided I just wanted to sew. I have been obsessed with my low value prints lately and decided to just cut some patchwork.  

A few hours later I had another little square, full of squares.

I added some more fabric, did some quilting, and then I had this sweet little table runner.

I did very little measuring, just cutting and sewing. At the end of the project, I had a big smile on my face. I was feeling relaxed. 

I don't need a table runner (it is a little large for my tiny little table). This is not exactly intended as gift for anyone. It just seemed like something I needed to make, even if it was something I did not need.

Therapeutic sewing. Sometimes a random project in the midst of Christmas gift sewing madness is medicine.

Happy Wednesday!

[No works in progress this week, I left for a work trip and actually did not leave any sorts of unfinished business in my sewing lair... well, not much and I don't have any pictures with me]


  1. I totally get this!!! I find sewing very therapeutic as well and sometimes just sew to sew. I think the table runner is fabulous on your table - really like the blue print with the dots.

  2. I totally agree, my best project so far was a therapeutic start, and is now a chevron quilt top in solids which i love, and seems to get lots of admiring comments! This is terrific, and of course you needed to do it, if it kept you sane!! : )


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