Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Post in which I Discuss 2014 and Welcome 2015

I went through my photos to catalogue my makes from 2014 and I have to say my 2014 finishes were impressive. Both in quantity and quality. I am PROUD of this mosaic. My goal was two make more than 10 quilts, judging from this mosaic I made 13. That is 13 (!)  quilts. It is actually 16 quilts, because there is one I am waiting to share until after Quilt Con and two I just do not have good photos of (oops!). Some of the quilts in this mosaic have not been blogged about yet. Sorry!

Another goal was to donate two quilts to charity. I totally nailed that goal, two of these quilts were made for kids in need. I am trying to do my part to cover the world in quilts. Most importantly, I love both of these charity quilts. I always want to love my charity quilts, because I think everyone deserves to have something of beauty. Don't you?

I think I did stretch myself a little more as a quilter in 2104. I made things I love and tried new techniques. It made me feel like a rock star when I mastered a new technique or saw my creative ideas turn into something real.

I have serious regrets about 2014. I am just going to put it out here my friends, because I know that you will understand. I participated in a swap that made me feel used and a little unloved (don't I sound dramatic?). It is hard knowing that you have given a piece of yourself and your time to others and they did not care to fulfill their end of the commitment. The majority of my swap mates were not those people (and were amazing talented friends!), but it is hard sometimes to not let those few drag you down. Anyway, I am entering 2015 commitment free!

Exactly one year ago today I wrote this post. I just read it again and I think it was pretty great. The girl who wrote that post had her stuff together. I bet she would know what to write in this new years blog post. I bet she would not have writers block. She seems optimistic and fearless and full of goals. That girl does not seem to be with us today.

I still love lists, but this year the only sewing goal I can think of hardly warrants a list, but here it is.

1. Sew Joy.

That is it. Two words

Sure, I love finishing old works in progress. Yes, I want to expand and refine my skills in 2015. I am sure I would love to blog more and put myself out there more frequently. BUT, all of that is secondary to the real purpose of this all. All of this sewing, quilting, blogging, and creating is about joy. It is about fulfillment and happiness. It is about the part of me that wants needs to create and make. That needs to see the tactile made out of the theoretical.

Maybe at some point I will feel inspired to write a detailed list of tangible goals. For today, I am going to enter 2015 quietly and with one peaceful goal.

2015. You are going to be my year of joyful living. Please and thank you.

Happy new year friends! May it be full of health, happiness, and prosperity.

May it be full of joy.


  1. I think your two words are perfect. Simple, with no need for embellishment. BTW, I came looking for details on your scrappy wonky star quilt because it is beautiful!! Happy New Year.

  2. What a fantastically successful quilt year! Your paragraph about your aspirations for this year sums it all up - may it all happen in 2015.

  3. Wonderful post. I know the joy you sew will be beautiful! I'm excited to follow along as you go.

  4. I love to read your blog. Always makes me smile, and makes me feel really happy to know such a wonderful artist and person. Happy New Year! Hope 2015 brings another visit together.

  5. Good words, Sarah! I'm confident your year will be bountiful with both! I look forward to sharing your year, if just a are a super inspiration and such fun!!! Happy, joyfull, quilty new year!!!

  6. I think you are right on track...fulfillment and happiness are the best reasons to create. Looks to me like you are spreading the joy you have in your life. And I am so glad to be a part of that life! Looking forward to 2015 with you...

  7. So many of us are arriving at this same conclusion, and making a commitment to self, sanity, and sewing! :) Best wishes for a super new year!

  8. Love your positive attitude and the happy sewing energy you are putting out there! You had a beautifully productive 2014-- hope 2015 is even better!

    1. Thanks Melissa! Productivity is good, but fun is more important. This hobby is so much fun!


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