Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bright Mountain for Dark Winter Days

There is a funny thing about a blog. When you go a bit without posting it is harder to post. It is a paradoxical notion for me because the longer I do not blog the more things I have to share. The more thoughts I have thought. But then I just have TOO much! It overwhelms me... and I go dark.

That, and I had to spend most of November in Tennessee for work. It is an awesome project, but really puts a damper on my blogging productivity. Strangely, I have finished a ton of projects. So here is project one!

Bright Mountain came about as the result of a guild charity challenge (Triangle Modern Quilt Guild!). We were given four fat quarters and minimum size and told to make a quilt. Truth alert: I hated two of my fat quarters. This stumped me for awhile. Then I realized, I am a grown adult making a quilt for charity.. I can use whatever fabric strikes my fancy. So, I pulled out the scrap bins and just started cutting.

I think scrap quilts are the most cathartic projects.

For this one I worked with a limited palette of bright yellow, navy blue, and "low volume" scraps. I did not use a pattern, but the block is a variation of the traditional Delectable Mountain block.

I did not count, I did not plan the placement... I just cut fabric up and sewed it back together.

It was balm for my soul.

The quilting is an all over angular pattern.

As soon as I can make it to a guild meeting (they are literally at the worst time of the week for me), this is going to head off to a Durham foster kid to snuggle underneath. I imagine it going to a little girl who is not a fan of pink or overly floral things... basically me as a kid. I imagine 12 year old me loving this. Hopefully, this is a bright point during some dark winter days.

I love you all. I hope you have a merry weekend before Christmas!

Quilt Stats
Name: Bright Mountain
Size:  approximately 50" by 60"
Fabric: Scraps! The "inspiration" from the challenge were Joel Dewberry herringbone and Modern Meadow yellow flowers
Quilting: Zagged all-over triangles with Aurfil Thread
Finished: November 2014 (thanks to binding help from my awesome friend Melissa)


  1. This is gorgeous AND generous! It is sure to brighten someone's heart!

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! I am currently in the same blogging funk except I have NOT gotten any projects done. :(

  3. Yay for a pretty finish. Merry Christmas to you!

  4. Cheery and delectable! Surely to be well received by some child in need. Hope you get some time home and more projects finished!

  5. Just awesome and love your fabric combo!!

  6. Your beautiful quilt will certainly brighten someone's life. Great work!
    Merry christmas!


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