Thursday, July 18, 2013

This is what 28 looks like for me.

I turned 28 yesterday. It was pretty good. I feel like as I get older birthdays simultaneously start to mean less and more. Less because I don't care as much about presents and big parties. More because I recognize the significance of each year as an accomplishment and a mile marker on my journey.

I decided to write a letter to my future self this year, just to check in. I promise I will get back to regularly scheduled sewing updates next week.

Dear Self,

Hi, how are you? I am imagining a version of myself reading this letter in 10 years. I am wearing reading glasses, this year the eye doctor told you that you would need reading glasses in 10 years. Did that happen? Do you have a bunch of gray hairs? Last Christmas I found my first gray hair and I decided to just leave it there. Proudly I go on with one gray hair right in front of my head. I would not blame myself if I started dying it though.

Otherwise, my 28 year old body feels pretty good. Recently, I realized that my back pain was a real problem and I needed to shape up. Pilates has been good for me and I actually grew an inch this year, probably based entirely on stretching and correct posture. This is the year I was diagnosed with my meat allergy. It is also the year I had to get over my fear of needles.

I think 28 years on this planet have really made me realize how little I know and how much I am still learning about myself. I spent a lot of time in the past year learning about me. I am strong. I am independent. I cherish my solitude and value opportunities to use creativity. I am happiest reading a book, sewing, and cooking (or eating). My friends are my family. I never grow tired of snuggling with my love and my fuzzy cat. I learned to lean a little bit more on Derek this year and act as more of a rock for him when he needs me. Every year our relationship amazes me a little bit more. I love that man.

This has been the year of quilting and sewing. I found a community both on the internet and in person that gives me such strength. This has made me realize that we find our own neighborhoods in this world and that this is okay. There is a world where I BELONG.

Hey future Sarah be cool. Don't lose your sense of wonder, don't forget to find the adventure, don't stop being goofy, and don't forget to wait for the right idea. It will come. Remember home is with your family, not a place.

Love yourself. Always.


Cheers if you made it this far! I am off to the mountains for a little (majorly exciting) Sew South reunion. It is going to be a weekend full of awesome people, wine, sewing, and, maybe, productivity. I am going to try to take pictures. Follow me on Instagram (stitchingandbacon) for the play by play.

PS - This post was inspired by this post and surely some other birthday letters I have read on the great internets.


  1. Happy Birthday! And I love all of your pictures-- especially your kitty!

  2. Dear future Sarah, I thought past Sarah was pretty cool but you are even more awesome. Sorry about that thing I will say in 2015. It will be just a in-the-heat-of-the-moment thing.

  3. Happy birthday, Sarah! I hope 28 treats you well! It has done well by me. :)

  4. Happy Birthday Stitching and Bacon! You rock girl! You are so much further ahead of the game than I was at your age....I'm continually impressed by you! I hope you have a year full of blessings and laughter! And of course, lots and lots of awesome sewing! XO, Kim :)

  5. Happy B-day! Have a wonderful weekend with your Sew South sewing mates. Writing yourself a letter is a great way to self check - and put down in words all that is important to you. Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. "This has made me realize that we find our own neighborhoods in this world and that this is okay. There is a world where I BELONG." *chills* so true.

  7. Love that you wrote yourself a letter. And that I get to be your neighbor! :-)

  8. hello dear! the hubby is out of town so i am listening to sad songs and trolling the interwebz and decided to pop over here to your world. i like your letter and i miss you..xoxoxoxo! i'm having fun babysitting your bear....but i think he is overstaying his welcome (but thats my fault i guess!!!!) don't worry though...i'm keeping it quirky for ya!



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