Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New List for the Girl with the Procrastination Problem

Hello Wednesday. Hello friends.

I am not sure you have noticed, but time has sped up. Now, I know everyone says that... but this time it is true. I know this.

Seriously. I have not even been traveling for work (Yay!), but somehow time is zooming. It is all I can do to grip on and hope I don't get dizzy.

Some non-quilty things (in no particular order):

  • My bestie returned home from Germany! 
  • We made soft-shelled crab.
  • I spilled a glass of wine on about two yards of Kona Snow (well, I guess that is quilty)
  • I laughed harder than I thought was possible with my friends in the group we are now calling SSU (mountain sewing weekend before last).
  • My cat vomited 4 times. 
  • My peer reviews came in from my journal article [spoiler alert: they recommended it for publication]
My list makes me sane. 

The list is, however, prone to fluctuations. Things move on, things get finished, things stop getting care and attention. 

This is where it stands as of July 31st, 2013.

1. Label, photograph and mail Confetti Stars quilt. This quilt is boss. it is pretty much done. I am actually laying on it right now. I know my cousin is going to love it. FYI, this is a pattern I have been testing for Elizabeth Dackson. I am going to photo bomb you with the quilt soon. For now, know you too can make this quilt when the pattern is released soon. 

2. Fix binding, label, and photograph scrappy baby quilt. This is heading to another cousin. It is also pretty ridiculous.

3. Finish rainbow houses baby quilt. This one needs a bit of work. Enough with the babies. 

4. Make backing and quilt my star quilt. This is a wedding present and it could be done soon, but I am not feeling it and it is HUGE, so we will see.

5. Make myself a super tote. 'Cause I want one. 

6. August bee block. Just a churn dash, easy enough. 

7. August Hop, Skip, Jump block and Lucky Star block. Can you believe I am all caught up with my blocks of the month? Exciting, right!

8. Finish my Mother-in-Law's Saint Louis 16 patch. This is fun. I predict a fast conclusion, but then again, I could get distracted. What's that a shiny object?

9. Coworker quit. A friend/coworker asked me to make her a quilt and I could not resist. I got particularly excited when she went onto Design Seed (at my request) and chose some color schemes right at the edge of my comfort zone. I think she is going to get a crazy star quilt with some awesome colors. More on this later.

10. Guild Challenge. More on this later too, it exhausts me to even think about what I am going to do with this. We randomly chose one color fabric from a bag and we have to stay in that color family. I picked brown! Can you imagine someone who is less of a brown person? I have an idea, but I am not sure if I want to waste it on BROWN. Le sigh. 

11. Center of another medallion. I just love traveling quilts. I think the theme for this medallion is going to be summer and winter. Is that crazy sounding?

That's all folks. This list may seem insane, but it is not a firm deadline thing. It fluctuates with the moods and the seasons. I am certainly not trying to do this all in a month (hey, maybe not even a year).

Love you. I love your hair. 

Sarah out.

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  1. You have some great projects on the go, I love your attitude to the list :)

  2. Hi Friend - I miss you! You have inspired me to make a list like this for myself too - as I bet my current list of WIPs is a lot longer than I think it is ;) I just love how your two quilts turned out - LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  3. Yes, time is flying very quickly.
    I guess you could just dye all the kona with the wine and have a new color.
    I love that first photo of your quilt.

  4. Just stopping by to see the title of your blog made me smile. Thank you for that. Your lists are no crazier than mine. Well, maybe mine are crazy. I have little notebooks and post-its and a calendar and bulletin boards and... well, stuff all over. I make them all day and tote them around. You've reminded me that I need to find the local quilt guild. I need to set hard deadlines for projects, even if it is only to mark something off all those lists. Your quilts look great and I've only seen glimpses. Excuse me, I have another list to make.

  5. That's quite a list! Lots of great things happening here and I love your hair too. :)

  6. All I got from this was blah blah blah PUBLICATION blah blah blah CAT VOMIT. Cheers to you and your fabulous hair.

  7. Ahhhh seconding Marla! Woot woot - PUBLICATION.

  8. Love the colours on your Hop, Skip and Jump.


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