Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Work in Progress: My List

I have been sewing so much these past weeks friends. I think Sew South totally got my creative juices flowing.

One problem.

I may have bitten off a titch more that I could handle. Put another way, my commitments are threatening to make me crazy. Earlier this month, on Instagram (follow me @stitchingandbacon, I am hilarious) my friend Susannah Kate expressed a similar overwhelmed sentiment and suggested the folks on IG informally commit to using April to get works in progress done (check out #aprilwip). I interpreted this to mean that I needed to tackle my list.

By the way, I had not actually written this list down. Now, I am putting fingers to key board and keeping myself honest letting you know how my list is going.


1.) April Blocks for Make it Modern. Done. Going in the mail tomorrow.

2.) Pouch for Paula. I made my father-in-laws girlfriend a pouch for Christmas that I thought would be easy for her to use for her rheumatoid arthritis (easy to carry and open and close). She loved it, told me it was ideal and that she has trouble finding things that work (um, I almost cried from happiness). Then she offered to pay me to make her another. Ha! As if I would let her pay me, she is totally family. Her birthday is this month though, so I made her another (terrible picture alert). Done. Going in the mail tomorrow.

3.) I accidentally (totally on purpose) signed up for a post-Sew South swap. Got to extend the experience, right? I made this little purse for my secret partner (Noodlehead pattern, which I totally recommend). I am so excited for her to get this! Done.

4.) We started a little medallion thingy. More on this later, but I had to make the center of my medallion and I like bears. I know it is a little hard to see what direction this is headed in, but trust me, it is going to be, wait for it.... legendary.

5.) I am doing a little swap with Susannah Kate and I need to finish my end of the deal. She already sent me this awesome ring. I am doing embroidery, which takes me forever. Slow and steady.

6.) My white washed quilt, which is an experiment in minimalism for me. Slow progress here.

7.) I told my mom I would make her a voile infinity scarf. A 10 minute project that I have all of the supplies for and have not even started. Unlikely to work on this for a bit.

8.) My coworker and his wife are having a much anticipated first baby and I need to make them a little quilt before the shower on May 4th. Pulled fabric.

9.) May is my month for Make it Modern. I need to demo the block for the group before May. Unlikely to work on this for a bit.

That's enough right? Oh, btw, I am going out of town for 10 days starting next Monday. Mwhahaha. I may have to let some things go my friends.

Final note. I am going to the Triangle Modern Quilt Guild meeting this Sunday. At least, I am going to try. Schedule cleared. I am building up my courage.... (I am pretty shy in real life).

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  1. Yes, you are hilarious - hence the reason I follow you. Love all the WIPing - way to tackle the list. Do you have any plans for the baby quilt? And I adore your noodlehead clutch... your swap partner is lucky indeed! ciao

  2. Holy projects, Batman. I think I should say something like "you go girl." I like the bear especially his nose.

  3. OMG, am so much in love with all - everysinglething - you have shared. Special love for the pouch (wonderful, beautiful and very thoughtful gift) and for the honesty - am working up my courage to go to a guild meeting too!!!!

  4. link this post to Leanne Then at the end of the quarter you can win some prizes. This is a great list...and your Sew South partner will love that little purse.

  5. Wow! This is a list! LOVE IT! But I especially love that bear. Super fun! Good luck with your list. :)

  6. That bear medallion is adorable! I was thinking of starting one with a rooster at the center so I'll be watching to see how this one evolves ;)

  7. Same here. Since I have been back I have had all kinds of energy to sew and all sorts of things added to my to do list. A good problem to have a suppose. Good luck with your list everything is coming out great.

  8. I really like the colors for that baby quilt! You can definitely get through all that stuff! :)

  9. Super cute bear block. I love your blog name too :)

  10. I love love love the bear! Your bee blocks look great too!

    I am shy in real life too. It kills me to go to meetings like that, but you can do it! It WILL be worth it!

  11. List making is good. Makes it all more managable and it's always nice to be able to cross something off the list! Love your paper pieced bear more than words can say.


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