Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Progress (of a sort) {WIP}

I know you are all on the edge of your seats, waiting for me to tell you how I am doing on my list (see last week for details)

First, I need to say, I could have done better. I am in Tennessee/Alabama for the next week and I did not bring my sewing machine. There was no room in the truck (I was also a teensy bit embarrassed to be seen loading up my machine). It is all good because I told the editor of a journal I would have an article finished by the end of April. So, I am writing about archaeology in the evenings (except right now I am blogging... dedication). Don't get jealous. Also, the work is hot and hard... I am tired. I am so full of excuses.

My List (excluding the things I have to finished):

1.) I got my bear block and associated fabrics ready to mail. This will go out next week (as I am away this week).

2.) My embroidery project is almost done. I am posting no pictures here because I want it to be a surprise.

3.) No progress on the whitewashed quilt.

4.) No progress on the voile infinity scarf (as predicted).

5.) I printed the template for my Make it Modern block. Is it fair to ask them to paper piece something? Thoughts? Anyone from Make it Modern reading this?

6.) Baby Quilt. I am proud to announce that I have made serious progress on this task. In my typically intelligent way, I decided to make this quilt out of 3.5" (finished) half square triangles. I made this decision because, I wanted to experiment with some half squared triangle papers I got from the free table at Sew South. Yup. Just for future reference, that is a lot of sewing. They come together really quickly with the papers, but all of those little squares need to be sewn together.

Le sigh.

It looks good though. The nursery is going to be decorated with orange, green, and blue. All the fabrics are from my stash. I think I nailed it.

Last point, I went to the Triangle Modern Quilt Guild meeting on Sunday. It was pretty fun. I will admit it was hard for me to go (I am actually a little shy). When I got there, there were people I knew! Yay for friends! It was nice to see them! I think I may have also made some new friends. I think I will be going back.

Thanks for reading friends! You are looking good!


WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. That bear block is completely adorable!

    And the colours of the baby quilt are great!

  2. Love what you are doing with the baby quilt. Really great fabric and colour choice.

    1. Thank you! I love baby quilts that are not too baby... just so the parents get to look at something grown-up.

  3. Love the baby quilt! The little fox tails add a great touch!

  4. I agree HSTs are a low of sewing (and trimming), but I sure love the results. And I like your baby quilt made out of them. Great fabrics to go with their color scheme.

    1. HSTs are such a pain, but they do look sooo good! I keep coming back to them.

  5. The baby quilt colors are fantastic. Come to Birmingham, AL I have a spare machine and I'll let you talk archaeology to me.

  6. when ever you want to start a traveling bee be sure to let me know. Your bear looks like the Bruin Bear from UCLA, so I love it!

  7. Awesome bear! I just learned how to paper piece and I certainly couldn't muster something that detailed...yet! I'm glad you and others came to the meeting...I have a hard time getting out of my shell at those kinds of things too, but it was fun meeting you ladies!


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