Sunday, March 17, 2013

Travel Stashing [Sunday Stash]

I returned from Portland on Saturday and I wanted to share some of the precious fabric I bought in PDX. 

Okay, so Portland has this thriving crafting community. I passed more yarn stores in this city than I really think most cities of any size could support. The fabric stores made me so happy! We were carrying on our luggage so I tried to only buy unique or special fabrics... umm.. mostly. 

I met up with my friend Janelle, who is also a quilter (squee!) and has known me since I was an awkward freshman in high school. We went to Bolt first. I fell in love with this store and it is just packed with fabric. I mean seriously amazing. A pretty fair range of linens, quilting cottons, home dec cottons, and some garment stuff too. Also, clearly, their buyer has my sense of style.

I got some Japanese linen fabric and a couple of fat quarters that made me smile.

Then I dragged my friend Janelle to Cool Cottons (and my husband, incidentally, guess who was less excited). This store is seriously a quilter's paradise. Also, they seem to still have some out of print lines. Hello Heather Ross, I have missed you.

The Japanese selection was most definitely the highlight. I am a sucker for misspellings on anything (professionally) made. Naturally, I had to buy these Japanese fabrics. Um, 10 points if you find the mistake in the English. Double pat on the back if you see the mistake in the German.

You see, my husband is studying German history, speaks German, and has lived in Germany. He needed this fabric (he would tell me, he did not need this fabric). It is also super politically incorrect. That child with the feathers in her hair, umm, Native American? 

This is my first time linking up to Sunday Stash on Finding Fifth, hosted by Pretty Bobbins. If you are new to my little space, welcome, thanks for visiting, nice to meet you. 

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  1. Ooh! Lovelies! I think I like the Zebra fabric the best, but perhaps that's because it looks hot pink!? :)

  2. Neat. I like the little red riding hood. Have I spelled that correctly? :-)

  3. Indeed a few hours wandering through fabric shops sounds delightful. Do they serve tea? I can see some lovely Lizzy House Constellations and please tell us what that sewing scenes fabric is in the first picture. So lovely to have you link up at Sunday Stash. Please feel free to link up any Sunday.

  4. Haha!! I'm currently living in Japan for 3 years and I see some cracker typos!! Including in quilts in the Yokohama and Tokyo Quilt Festivals!!

  5. Tanks so much for linking up! Very happy to have found your blog :) sounds like you had a great time fabric shopping and bought some gorgeous prints!


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