Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mental Unpacking from Sew South

I started quilting a little over a year ago.

I started this blog about six months ago. I became obsessed with blog reading, so I decided to start writing my own. Mostly, I wanted to participate in the conversation with other bloggers. I loved the sense of community on the internet. I still love the conversations we all have on the internet. Talking with people on Flickr, Instagram, and on blogs makes me so happy. Seriously, my heart sings every time I get a comment.

But, occasionally the internet is not enough. Sometimes, you need need to be there. You need to be in a room full of people belly laughing and you need to give and receive. It is truly good for the soul to make new friends.

Sew South was a weekend of laughing, hugging, wine drinking, crying (yup), fabric play, and even some serious learning.

We paper pieced, made a duffle (oh that duffle, please ask me about it if you are contemplating starting this project, I have tips, also thank you Lindsay), pajama pants (mine did not get finished, hehe), and an amazing clutch purse.

Jennifer and Diane
We swapped.

We giggled.

Hey Christine!
In that room no one was isolated. No one was alone. We may sew alone everyday at home, but for this weekend we were together. I think I was truly more "me" this past weekend than I am with anyone but my husband.

It is was a room full of seamstresses (sewists? artists?). A room full of people taking care of each other.

Leah Day
Saying goodbye was emotional. It was hard to leave. There was crying... I am making Sew South sound like some sort of therapy session. In a way, it was. But, mostly it was about sewing and about being relaxed in the company of your 50 new best friends.

I went home full of inspiration and plans to spend time with my new friends.

Amy, Paige, Susannah Kate, Me, Robyn, Chrissy, Christine

Thank you Jennifer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jennifer and I
This is just my first post, I think I am going to write another one to talk about my loot! To be continued with physically unpacking...



  1. So great to meet you! Look forward to seeing you at MQG meetings:)

  2. So nice to meet and laugh with you! Hope to see you again soon!

  3. Hey sweet friend! so glad you were part of my "therapy session". So excited about the drunkards medallion along and super excited to have a new friend in you! Xo

  4. It was like therapy and I need another session.!!!!

  5. Yes! It was like a therapy session. One that was so unexpected and welcomed whole heartedly by us all. I loved every second of it and, like you, can't seem to process it all enough. What an affirming weekend to know that we really are not alone.

  6. So great to meet you! I'll be seeing you at MQG meetings soon, I hope!

  7. What a great description of the weekend. It's so fun to read everyone's posts.
    Linda F.

  8. It was such a pleasure to meet you. It was an amazing weekend that I won't soon forget.

  9. Hey girlie...great post...love the smiling faces!

    Promise...I haven't forgotten about the cat fabric!!!:)


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