Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dear Baby, You are Loved.

Dear Gwendolyn,

I had a hard time starting this letter; there are just so many things I want to say to you. I know you are just a little one and it will be years before you can understand these words that I type.

Let me start with the easiest thing, you are so special little one, so loved, and so precious.

Your parents are pretty great. I mean, you are a pretty lucky little one. I know they will be there for you forever. I know this because I know them. I have known your mom many years before the beginning of your time. She is the best. I have known your dad for some smaller number of years before your time, but he has proven to be a pretty awesome guy too.

I know your parents probably have many hopes and dreams for you little one, but let me add a few. I hope that you have a happy childhood, full of tire swings, time machines, daydreams, and fairy tales. I hope you experience sledding down hills at top speeds, climbing mountains, waking up to clear bird calls in sun filled tents, and hearing echoes. I hope there are flowers, mud, and bugs. Eating warm wild strawberries, dandelion necklaces, mosquito bites, bicycles, macaroni and cheese.  Mud puddles and rainbows, tree houses, story telling, legos, and cold mountain lakes.

I dream that you will grow up confident and happy. I dream that you will have convictions and beliefs and that you will keep them and change them as you find you need to. I dream that you will be a girl who knows she is strong and woman who knows she is stronger. I dream that the world you live in accepts you for who you are and treats you as an equal.

Most of all, little one, I dream and hope you turn out a lot like another little girl and woman I admire a great deal, your mom.

Sending warm love and kind regards. May the force be with you.


PS - I am sorry if this is a little cheesy, but real like can be like that.

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: A combination of paper pieced pattern set at random. Strawberry by Sew-ichgo, paper crane by Kitten’s Mittens, mushroom and gnomes by Artisania, and paper airplaine by Quiet Play.
Fabric: Assorted stash fabrics, Heather Ross, Alison Glass, Carolyn Friedlander, Joel Dewberry, Bonnie and Camille, among others…
Quilting: Shell pattern with white Aurifil
Size: approximately 40” x 40”

Finished: March 2015


  1. Lovely quilt and post! Since this is on the web, perhaps she will find it when she is older and your words will fill her heart!

  2. Well said. I have a new granddaughter, and this resonated with me!

  3. Ah, so whimsical and fresh and fun! Hope Mom prints this out to give to Gwendolyn one day!

  4. A lovely letter to accompany a lovely quilt. :) I love the quilting and your paper piecing is fantastic!

  5. Such an interesting and wonderful quilt. And what a thoughtful letter to go with it. I really like your quilting design.

  6. You're amazing. This quilt is amazing. This letter is amazing.

  7. The cheesiness doesn't bug me, but you totally made me cry! I love the Star Wars fabric and the fact that it's right next to the unicorns. It's perfect. Also, we're trying to buy a house right now, and my goodness it's rough. Kudo's to you for being in the next step!


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