Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pink Chowder: Bloggers Quilt Festival Quilt

Hello old and new friends! I am so happy you are here. Welcome.

I am re-sharing Pink Chowder today as my entry in the Bloggers Quilt Festival hosted by Amy's Creative Side. I decided to enter it as a large quilt.

This is my favorite quilt I have ever made. I finished it a couple of months ago and I still just stare at it sometimes thinking, "I made that" (picture a wondering look and an awed voice). 

This quilt is me. 

It was born from a late evening desire to start a new project, when I just started randomly grabbing some of my favorite and most precious fabrics. I brought that giant stack of fabric to a retreat with my best sewing people and then I met the Accuquilt die cutter and the, then brand new, clam die. I knew I had to learn to sew curves just so I could turn my stack of fabric into a clam quilt. 

The reasons this is my favorite quilt of all time:

1.) I learned so much sewing this quilt. These are my first curves ever. It was my first time using the Accuquilt.

2.) I used some of my most hoarded fabrics on this quilt. Now when I look at it I get so see little happy surprises everywhere. Reminding me to use my hoarded fabrics!

3.) Some of my best sewing people gave me scraps to use in this quilt. Now every time I see those clams, I think of them. 

4.) It is pink and aqua. 

5.) There are cats on it. 

6.) I did it. I felt like I was really starting to get this quilting thing while working on this quilt. The quilting looks so good, the clams came together so well, and the colors just make me smile. It gives me such a sense of accomplishment.

Thanks for stopping by! Thanks for being patient about seeing this quilt twice on here. I think you are the best. I love this community and this festival illustrates everything that is good about the online quilting world. I only just wish we were at a real quilt festival 'cause then we could meet. Maybe have a coffee? I would love to hear about your day. 

Pink Chowder Stats
Size: 72" by 72"
Pattern: I used the Accuquilt to cut my clams, but you check out The Quilt Engineer's pattern on Craftsy here
Fabric: Too many to list. Just so many bits of precious in this one. 
Quilting: Organic matchstick quilting with Aurifil Thread done by me on my home machine.
Finished: January 2014


  1. It's worth two posts and then some! I love this!

  2. It is so worth seeing again!!! It is such a sweet treat to have something you made that you love so much!

  3. This is one of my favorite quilts ever. I heart it so much

  4. Okay, totally my favorite clam shell quilt yet! Absolutely love the fabrics you chose.:)

  5. Love the name. Great colors & beautiful execution of this design.

  6. Lovely clam shell quilt and great photo’s!!

  7. As a massive fan of clamshell quilts - I love your take on the genre. You've taken a traditional idea and beautifully turned it on its head with a modern twist.

    That quilting is absolutely perfect too. I love all that texture!

  8. I remember looking a clamshell patterns in the first quilting mag I ever picked up - an old 60's two-colour how-to book that my mother had had since before I was born. It fills me with joy to see the clamshell coming back into style!

    You've done a beautiful job - love the fabrics you chose, and the bright pops of colour against the low volume ones. Great quilting choice, too!

  9. This is such a pretty quilt. I completely understand that feeling of hoarding my most treasured fabrics and not wanting to cut them up :-)

  10. This is stunning! I love this. what a beautiful quilt!

  11. This quilt totally took my breath away! So gorgeous! The clamshell quilt is on my quilty bucket list. And I think it just went up a few spots after seeing this!

  12. love love love! awesome fabrics and i love this pattern! the back of your quilt is awesome too! good luck in the BQF!

  13. This is so fantastic! I seriously need to get over my fear of curves. I love everything about this!!! Good job! (Pretty sure I would sit and stare at it in wonder too.)

    1. Thanks! You can do the curves, these are my first and they are not as bad as they seem.

  14. So nice to look at this quilt! Beautifully! Original! Carefully!

  15. beautiful! I love your choice of colors!

  16. I love everything about this quilt. You created a real beauty and I adore your fabrics!

  17. Lovely clamshell quilt! I love the colour combination.

  18. beau.ti.ful! I love the back too. fab.


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