Friday, April 11, 2014

Hey Baby, You are a Star

I wanted to subtitle this blog post, "Whoa, just calm down life"

I have literally spent a week at home in the last month (and yes, I am using the term literally correctly).  I actually dreamed about my sewing machine. Cat litter commercials made me sad, because I missed my little fuzz.

I was in Georgia (twice), Florida, Tennessee, and Western North Carolina. Some for fun, some for super fun work. I am spent.

You see, when I get tired and stressed out I feel the need to make something new. This is totally counterintuitive. It actually adds to my pile of things to do, but I find zen in the creative process. The excitement of sketching, choosing fabrics, testing blocks... Just writing this is making me want to go create something new! 

Fortunately, during my trips to Georgia I visited with some very dear friends who are expecting a little girl this summer. I had alway been planning on making this little girl a quilt, but spending time around my friends inspired me. When I got home and the stress creativity kicked in, I channeled that creativity into this little baby quilt. 

This quilt is loud. 

It is for a little baby girl, but I made something that I would love as a grown-up. I think linen is timeless and ageless. 

These blocks are super traditional, they are a variation on a block called the millennium (although I am sure there are ton of other names out there) that I resized and modified. 

I just want this quilt to say, "hey baby, welcome to this world, we are happy to have you." 

Don't all babies deserve that?

Thanks for stopping by, this has been nice!

Quilt Stats:
Name: Hey Baby, You are a Star
Size: 40" x 40"
Pattern: Millenium Star Blocks
Fabric: Assorted Pink and Purple Scraps and Essex Natural Linen/Cotton Blend, backed with a Liberty Lifestyle print and Heather Ross Briar Rose Strawberries
Quilting: Swirly free motion flowers with Aurifil thread, done on my home machine
Finished: April 2014


  1. It's gorgeous!!! And I love your photo shoot locale;)

  2. Oh, I super heart this. Definitely my favorite kind of baby quilt!

  3. Lucky baby! This is beautiful!

  4. Absolutely fantastic!! I love the mix of the purples, pinks and linen, just gorgeous!

  5. Definitely says Welcome! Love it!

  6. This so great! Hot pink, dark purple! What's not to love?! YOU're a star!!!

  7. Oooooh, so pretty! That baby girl will feel warmly welcomed with such a beautiful wrap xx.

  8. A beautiful heirloom quilt. What a thoughtful present.


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