Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hello from Savannah.

Hi friends.

I am in Savannah. I do not have internet.

I am watching a show called "The United States of Bacon." I can't eat bacon. I am allergic. I love bacon.

I had to go to someone else's apartment to write you this little note.

Mostly, I am just writing this email to you to say hi.


I have a tutorial to share. Unfortunately, I agreed to write a book review for an archaeology journal, now I have to read the book. That means, time I can't sew or write tutorials.

Do not worry, I brought my sewing machine to Savannah. I am sewing. A tiny bit.  I made an adorable little lap top case. Mostly, I am sewing secret things for my secret sister partner these [secret] projects make me so happy. I will show them to you after my partner sees them.

I promise to be back soon. I will finish the tutorial. I will take photos.

In this post I give you bee blocks I have finished and sent away.

Meanwhile, I will be out working in a garbage filled roadside. I mention this least you think my job is glamourous. This is why I am allergic to bacon. Le sigh.

This is a teaser for the tutorial I am going to share. Rainbows!


  1. Well, if nothing else, savannah is amazing and wonderful. Have fun! Say hello to my old home for me.

  2. I am at work. I have been here since 6:30 am. I will not leave until after 10pm. Being an evil scientist is not glamorous either.
    PS great bee blocks love the last one and rainbows.

  3. Your blocks are lovely. Pity about the bacon but I guess it will make the pigs happy:-)

  4. These are all delicious! I'm excited for your tutorial!

  5. Rainbows are my very fave. Can't wait to see the tutorial! Awesome, awesome bee block - looove the colour wheel.

  6. Sorry to hear about your situation...makes me happy to be me today. I love your rainbow star block. Beautiful and modern!

  7. I love all your solid work. Looks awesome. Keep the faith - one day maybe you will be able to bacon once more. And that show - not all that great in my opinion. Hope it isn't too cold in Savannah!


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